Wellness You Won’t Regret That Extra Push

Go the extra mile that will make the difference… You won’t regret that extra push!You Won't Regret That Extra Push

Start now! Start now! Don’t wait for that perfect, magical day to do what you want to accomplish. That perfect day, that your attitude will be right, your mindset will be strong, you woke up with this energy to take over the world… this plan is not realistic. That perfect day won’t be always consistent. Life is life. 

Focus on what you want to accomplish and why

The key is reminding your self why you do it? For your kids, For your sanity, For proving others wrong. Why do you want to wake up earlier? Why do you want to loose 30 lbs, Why do you want to eat cleaner? You need to remind yourself daily sometimes more than once why are you determine to keep moving forward. 

You Won’t Regret That Extra Push

When you get those negative thoughts or your mind is distracting you from putting in the work, thats when you say “No!!! I need to do this because I want a healthy body and mind to live my best life”. The recipe of success is pushing through, pushing even when you don’t feel like it. When your co- workers want to take you to “happy hour” in your gym time.   

If you start today, committing 100% and no B.S,  your future self will thank you. Your future self will gain a new wave of confidence only few get to experience. Most of you just need to be strong and consistent for 3 months to get your results you want. Just in time for the holidays. Keep being persistent until you see/have/feel what you want.  

I really hope this sinks in and realize you are worthy and deserving of your success and happy healthy life.

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