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Ever hit a really good leg day and find it really hard to walk for the next couple of days? Believe me, nothing is worse than driving a manual two days after leg day, I swear that clutch never felt so heavy before!

Someone asked me the other day, “why was I getting sore after my workouts when I first started, and why aren’t I sore anymore?” This is genuinely a great question with a two-part answer.

1. You were sore when you were working out because when you workout you create micro-tears in the muscle fibers, this helps them grow

This is also why stretching is so important as it helps grow the fascia (but more in that later.) These micro-tears create that sore feeling. When you get used to your workout routine, or when you don’t progressively overload through rep &/or weight increases you’ll lose that sore feeling because you aren’t working that hard. Your body is used to it. That’s why good trainers will introduce new exercises & rep set amounts to body shock.

2. You probably didn’t stretch

When you workout your muscles produce lactic acid and big surprise acid burns. This is a huge part of why you’re sore. Stretching is an absolute must before, during & after your workout.

Being sore after a killer workout is a good thing, as long as that soreness isn’t excruciating pain!

The question which almost always seems to follow is “how do I get rid of the soreness?” Well, hang on to your dumbbells we’re gonna tell ya!

The number one way to reduce muscle inflammation regardless if you’re injured or just stupidly sore is Ice! The goal of any treatment is that you want it to be as natural as possible. Luckily for you Ice is both very natural (especially in my home town of Toronto) & the world’s best anti-inflammatory. So put down your Voltaren or aleve (unless you are seriously injured) & bust out the ice pack (10 minutes on 10 minutes off.)

I, of course, speak from personal experience! I was at a local event & signed up for a 10-minute burpee challenge. When asked who my partner was I said to myself “partner? I’m a trainer, I don’t need a partner!” This is what led to me throwing up my coffee at minute 7! Regardless of how dumb my decision was the next day I hurt, bad! So I did what any sane(ish) trainer would. I took an ice bath followed by a warm Epsom salt bath & I felt miles better.

Moral of the story? Even if you hate winter, ice is your friend!


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