HIIT Excellence

HIIT Excellence

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  • 12 Week Makeover

    Hey Ladies it's time for a makeover! Forget your hair or nails! Lets change you! This program is specifically designed for Professional Women in their 20's who want to lose weight & build body confidence, killer glutes & 6 pack abs! What more could a Women ask for?

    per 2 weeks


  • Mindset Development Plan

    Do you feel that something in your life needs a change? Feel like you're stuck in your head & need help reaching that next big goal? Your Mindset Development Plan (M.D.P.) Is fully customized to your individual goals & needs. Your Certified Life Coach will be helping you breakdown your goals & build a C.P.O.A. (Certified Plan Of Action) to help you gain confidence in yourself & your dreams! You'll receive a C.P.O.A. as well as a bi-weekly session with your trainer via Zoom or Phonecall!

    per 2 weeks
  • Non-Restrictive Meal Plan

    Love food but hate dieting? Then never diet again with a Non-Restrictive Meal Plan (N.R.M.P.)! This plan will give you guidance & weekly macro tracking help from a Certified Nutrition Coach to ensure you lose weight without giving up your favorite foods!

    per month

HIIT's Posts

The Importance Of Resistance Training For Women Over 40

21 May 2020

“I don’t want to lift weights because I don’t wanna get big!” Admit it, you’ve probably said or thought this before. I know it! This seems to be a very common attitude women over 40 tend to have regarding weight lifting, however, it’s more important now than ever! There are a few reasons for this […]

Why Am I Sore?

20 May 2020

Ever hit a really good leg day and find it really hard to walk for the next couple of days? Believe me, nothing is worse than driving a manual two days after leg day, I swear that clutch never felt so heavy before! Someone asked me the other day, “why was I getting sore after […]

Why Core Isn’t a Bore!

20 May 2020

Have you ever been to the gym & heard the guy who thinks he’s a bodybuilder or powerlifter say they never train core? (Side note this person almost always has an atrocious form!) Ever notice this guy seems to have a new injury every week? Don’t be this guy! Take it from someone who was […]

Carbs, the Final Frontier!

11 May 2020

Have you ever heard someone say to you “I need to stop eating carbs, I’m so bad!”. Well tell Cindy from the office to cram it, she doesn’t know what she’s talking about! But can you blame her? We aren’t educated on what a macro is (fats, proteins, & the dreaded carbohydrate). I was eating […]

What Your Training Shoes Do for You & How You Can Use Them to Get Better Lifts

11 May 2020

We’re all guilty of this one! You walk into Nike and pick the loudest, most colorful shoes that are so light you kinda question if they’re both in the box when you pick it up. “These are totally gonna help you lift better,” you say to the cute cashier. Now, what’s wrong here? You didn’t […]

Less Is More!

11 May 2020

I was going through my DMs today & saw a question that I get asked all the time by people who want to lose weight in an impatient way. “Is it okay if I eat in a 1000 calorie deficit?” Some are curious, some are serious. Simply the answer is “no that’s a very bad […]

If the Bar Ain’t Bending Am I Pretending?

11 May 2020

I was in the gym I train at and saw a younger guy who looked like he had no idea what he was doing so I decided to help him out, which is a risky move in any gym because people hate being told they don’t know what they’re doing! So I asked the guy […]

3, 2, 1, Stretch!

11 May 2020

What’s the dumbest thing you’ve ever heard an “athlete” say? I know mine & can still relive the moment clear as day! I was at a friend’s football (or soccer if prefer) tournament and when I asked him if he was gonna go stretch with his team he said: “I never stretch.” You can bet […]