Trainers When Working Out Just Isn’t Enough

working out

I had been working out, training for almost 5 years in Taekwondo at this point.

I was feeling fitter but I just couldn’t figure out why I wasn’t seeing the change I thought I should see taking into account I was training 5 nights a week.

It was at this point when I decided that it could only be the food and drink I was consuming.

I wanted to understand nutrition so I picked up a basic nutrition course on a Groupon deal.

This is when my eyes open to the complexity of our bodies and their requirements, which if applied correctly is actually very easy to achieve.

After completing the course and beginning to implement what I had learned my weight began to melt. With good nutrient-dense food and quality exercise, I became a fat-burning machine.

Look, the bottom line is this.

You will never achieve your weight goals unless you are willing to make sacrifices in your habits and routines. It isn’t easy but you have to identify which habits you have aren’t good before being able to accept that the change is possible.

The same as an addict has to admit they have a problem before the problem can be tackled. We first have to admit we have a problem and then ask for the appropriate help.

The saying goes: ‘Take care of your nutrition and your body will take care of itself’. Very true.

I am probably working out less now than I did in this picture 7 years ago but have only put 2-4 lbs on over the last 7 years.

In preparation for the Scottish Championship and my 3rd Degree grading, I reached 11th 4lb again without even trying. The only thing that changed was how often I was training.

Apply the principles of fitness and reach your success.


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