Trainers The Mindset Shift

The mindset shift that will change your life!

In a world with the information at our finger tips there is plenty of info out there about fitness & nutrition. Just like a smoker knows smoking kills but keeps smoking people know that they need to move more and eat better.

The mindset shift

They also know that their habits are bad for their health however nothing will change until there is a shift in their mindset.

Willpower is false. It is used as an excuse for failure when somebody doesn’t really want to change. I didn’t have the willpower.

The mindset shift has to come from something significant.

A health scare, losing a family member, low self esteem or low confidence are just some examples. My light bulb moment came when I lost my father-in-law, who was only 55, to prostate cancer. I stared death in the face and decided in that moment that something had to change. I looked at my life, habits and lifestyle and said if something doesn’t change this could very well be me in 20 years, I was 35. 5st lighter and a life turned around wasn’t because I had the willpower to succeed, but because I wanted to change.

My heart and my mind were connected.

I really wanted this and like anything we want in life we are willing to do what it takes and that includes making sacrifices. That holiday you want, that new car, that new house all require something to be sacrificed for you to achieve it.

Weight loss is exactly the same change… is exactly the same! When you want it bad enough you will do what is necessary. Are you ready for real change, has your mindset shifted and are you ready to do what it takes to succeed? Then it is time to step up and grab life by the balls and say: The Time Is Now!

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