Trainers What Makes a Great Personal Trainer

what makes a Great Personal Trainer

So what makes a Great Personal Trainer? Finding the right Personal Training service can be very frustrating and exhausting. So with our simple check sheet hopefully you can find the right provider for you and start getting the life and results You want.

Here are our 5 points that make a Great Personal Trainer

These are what we and our clients believe makes a great personal trainer.

More than just a physique

It’s easy to be persuaded by a trainer with a great body and yes it is important they practice what the preach but it’s more important to our clients to have trust with their personal trainer.  Like a chameleon, a trainer has to be able to deal with different situations.

“A great personal trainer adapts and overcomes the challenges of the client’s needs”.

Motivational and inspiring

To keep the client motivated and interested by regularly changing programs, pushing them and giving them the knowledge and confidence to work independently.

“Success comes with a well thought out plan of action and keep us on track, even through difficult times”.

Keep it simple

It’s easy for a personal trainer to bamboozle their clients with technical jargon and complicated exercise routines. A great trainer uses simplicity with clear instructions and clear demonstration.

“By taking a small simple step you will reach your goal”.

Open and approachable response

A personal trainer that is approachable will put the client at ease. They will have support and affirmation that they are listening and have a clear understanding of their clients’ goals.

“ Our role is to be encouraging, motivating, challenging and fun”.

Correct Technique is King

Making sure you are holding good form, correct technique will give the client confidence in their ability and will increase effectiveness of the training session. Most importantly it will prevent injury and prolong the client’s training.

“You are given one body so surely training safely and effectively will enhance your quality of life”.

Finally, a great trainer will have longevity, integrity and established experience of achieving the client’s goals.


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