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What Happens to Your Body When You Have Treat Foods

Over the weekend, I’ve had the experience of enjoying a lovely ice cream from Ben & Jerry’s. ⁣It’s gorgeous! ⁣

But it got me thinking about how I used to feel after having treat foods, and it’s what so many of you still think happens to our bodies when you consume food like this. ⁣Have a look below.⁣

What you think happens:⁣

  • It makes you fat
  • It ruins your diet
  • It’s “bad” for you
  • You’ve gained weight immediately⁣
  • You feel guilty
  • You need to work it off
  • Feel like you should continue eating crap all-day
  • You need to starve yourself for the rest of the week

Compared to – What actually happens: ⁣Nothing! (absolutely nothing).⁣

The only way all of the things you “think” would happen happens is if you were to consume them every day like a whole tub of Ben & Jerry’s every day or a pack of Chocolate Digestives, 2x 2 Litres bottles of Cola, 5 cups of teas with three sugars, every day!⁣

Having a little of what you fancy in small doses is not a bad thing, it’s healthy for you, as it helps cuts those cravings and helps prevent you from binging on them all at once (but, in small doses)⁣.

Research shows that you would need to consume an extra 3500 calories each week to gain 1lb fat. Yeah, can you believe that? So, you would have to be eating a shit load of food to get there.⁣

What I see happening is many of you save up for these high calorific treats by starving yourselves all day then go hard at it when you do have them. In my opinion, this leads to an unhealthy habit in the long run where you aren’t getting the nutrients needed to fuel your body and help it function properly.⁣

I do not recommend this habit! It’s a Mental head Fu‹k!⁣

What I do recommend is that you have it (small dose), enjoy it and move on!⁣

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