Exercise Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

weight loss vs. fat loss

Hi, my name is Nicco, previous Director of Fitness for The Biggest Loser Resorts, now the Founder & Owner of BRAVE Lifestyle Inc.

Weight Loss vs. Fat Loss

Weight loss and fat loss tend to be misunderstood from the general public. Through TV and magazines this weight loss concept is embedded in our minds. We tend to think that we need to be a certain weight to be happy. We need to hit this goal weight and all our problems are solved. This is just not the case at all. Losing weight, if over weight, is a good thing, but your main focus is to lose body fat!

Look at it like this: a female that is 5’5″, 140 lbs at 29% body fat, or is 5’5″, 140 lbs at 19% body fat.  As you can imagine, the female who is 19% body fat is going to look and feel so much better still at 140lbs. Your number one focus during your fitness journey should always be to become healthy. Number two should be to focus on your body fat decreasing each month, not your total weight. Because in performing cardiovascular and resistance type exercises, you will be able to burn fat and add lean muscle. This is how you will be able to look and feel healthy and fit.

Another way of looking at it is if someone did just cardiovascular exercises (e.g. treadmill or elliptical) only. They will start to burn muscle off because there is no type of resistance training in their program. With only doing cardiovascular exercises, this person will drop weight, but the big red flag is that they will be burning muscle off. So while their weight might decrease, their lean muscle and their appearance will not be in a healthy state.

Fitness is about keeping your body and mind healthy, remember that! #beBRAVE

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