Exercise Cracking The Weight Loss Code by Shifting to Heart Rate Training

heart rate training

Do you know how you can crack the weight loss code? Through Heart Rate Training!

Utilizing this with your workouts will be a game changer.

One of the most common workout questions: “Hey, how long do you work out for?”

One of the most common answers to that question: “1 hour.”

The answer is always in a time format which is the problem. We use a time duration to justify our workout. If you workout for 1 hour, how effective was it? Did you track your workout stats? How many calories did you burn? What percentage of that were fat calories? What was your average heart rate from your workout? What was your max heart rate from your workout? These are all key questions to determine the effectiveness of your workout.

Instead of solely using a time format, you can use a calorie burn amount. For example: instead of going to the gym for an hour, go to the gym and burn 600 calories. You will quickly realize how much harder you work and sweat to burn those calories. Best of all, you will start to understand the type of intensity it takes to have an effective workout. Using a heart rate monitor during your workouts will not only make them more efficient, but you will get quicker results in your weight loss journey!

My favorite Heart Rate device is the Polar M400.

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