Trainers Set Your Goal: Weight Loss, Fat Burn or Body Transformation?

Set your goal: Weight Loss, Fat Burn or Body Transformation

Set your goal: Weight Loss, Fat Burn or Body Transformation?

What’s your goal?

The main question I ask my clients. Because weight loss, fat burn, and body transformation are 3 different things. And all my work will be based on the client’s desire.

So, what’s the difference?

Weight loss

Piece of cake for me. When I focus on weight loss only, the major tools are clean eating and calorie deficit. We start with cleaning up the client’s current eating behaviors, look for the alternatives of “bad” food choices, learn superfoods, and gradually come to the “perfect plates” that fit well person’s lifestyle and preferences. Usually, it takes about 2-3 months after the client decides to keep my support or stick with their new habits.

Fat burn

When things start getting interesting. The main difference between weight loss and burn fat is the focus on the person’s visual change but not on the change of the number on the scale. That’s where I start to take into account the client’s activity: number of daily steps, type of work, weekend activities, etc., and add exercises. Also, a lot of improvements implements in nutrition. We learn calories, macros, calorie density of foods, GI of carbs, types of fats, and so on. Everything that I do is concentrated on decreasing body fat while keeping the client healthy and energized. Usually, it takes up to 4 months to see the significant results.

Body Transformation

State-of-the-art. My favorite and the most hard-to-do work begins with every step I make in weight loss and fat burn plans. After I implement a more deep analysis of the client’s body response on certain macros ratio, create personalized workout splits, determine the best calorie number, and add appropriate supplements. My routine’s main focus is to find the perfect combo of nutrition and workout that will decrease the body fat percentage while keeping and then gain the muscles. Of course, changes are made during the entire transformation time.
This project depleted on 3-4 phases and takes from 6-12 months to make the person proud of himself while looking at the mirror.

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