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The digital age has altered people’s perceptions of what a reliable and worthwhile service provider should be. Whether that service is having your taxes done, having a new home built or finding a carer for your child, the internet is a limitless resource that can provide so many options for so many services, it can be daunting and confusing knowing which product or service provider is legitimate and qualified.

Why use Inspired Strength & Fitness?

You wouldn’t trust a surgeon who has an Instagram page but limited credentials and no tertiary qualifications to perform a surgery on you. The same attitude and expectations should be applied to your search for a fitness provider or trainer.

Your body is your most valuable asset. You rely on it to live. Don’t entrust your health and fitness to an individual who hasn’t got the qualifications, experience, understanding and passion required to deliver a safe, well rounded and expertly honed service. 

I offer over nine years experience in the fields of fitness, strength and conditioning and sports training and coaching.

I hold University level qualifications as well as various industry recognised certificates. I am constantly up-skilling to better service my clients. 

I have coached elite sport and have designed training programs for talented athletes. I have also helped general population clients lose fat and develop healthy habits. No crash dieting here. 

I am committed to providing you with the tools, support and the level of personalised service required to assist you reach your fitness and strength goals.

I guarantee results.

Post by Eoin Scullion Orange NSW

I am a Personal Trainer based in Sydney, NSW. I help people drop body fat, gain strength and become more confident in their everyday lives. I am continuously learning new methods in order to service my clients in the most professional and effective ways...

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