Exercise 4 Reasons Why Women Lift Weights

“You’ll look like a man!” – I’m sure a lot of women have heard this. From men and other women. There are many reasons why women lift weights and I can assure you that you will not look like a man. Men have upwards of 20x the amount of testosterone as women do. It’s the testosterone that allows men to get ‘big and bulky’ when they lift.

4 Reasons Women Lift Weights

Here are 4 very big reasons why women lift weights:

1. Increase sexual satisfaction.

Lifting weights increases testosterone in women too. Testosterone increases also contributes to an increased sex drive. Combination of cardio and lifting weights has a great impact on increasing blood flow. With increased blood flow comes increased sensitivity. Don’t feel there’s need to elaborate too much more on this benefit.

2. Increase bone density.

Bone mass usually decreases as women age which can lead to Osteoporosis. Osteoporosis is a disease that weakens the bones making them more susceptible to fracture and breaking. According to the National Osteoporosis Foundation approximately 10 million Americans have Osteoporosis and another 44 million have low bone density. Lifting weights can help stave off the onset of Osteoporosis. Lifting weights places stress on the bones. Through a process of ‘remodeling’ bones then will rebuild stronger. This helps promote good bone health throughout a woman’s life.

3. Muscle burns fat.

Its estimated that for every pound of muscle roughly 6 calories are burned at rest per day. That’s 3 times the amount of calories burned at rest for every pound of fat, which is 2 calories per day. A person’s metabolism is also firing at an increased rate long after exercising with weights than just cardio alone. Meaning one will burn more calories after the workout is finished. Having muscle also allows a person to workout more intensely, the greater the intensity the greater the calorie burn.

4. Increase confidence.

Incorporating lifting into an exercise regiment is great for changing body composition (fat vs lean mass) Clothes will fit better, curves will be more prominent (if that’s a goal) and ones sense of self will improve. The idea of starting weaker and finishing stronger is quite literal and becomes ingrained in your mindset to apply to every day life. With the benefits of an increased sex drive, increased performance in other aspects of life, and an increased sense of over coming life obstacles once confidence in themselves will also increase!

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