Jay Nohr

Kendall, United States

Jay Nohr

Kendall, United States

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Eating Carbs Can Help You Lose Weight and Increase Performance

7 Nov 2018

Here’s the skinny on carbs (see what I did there =D) they are not the devil. Here’s how eating carbs can actually help you lose weight and increase performance. There’s a popular misconception that carbs make a person fat That is a myth. Fat, Protein, and Carbs are used by the body as necessary. An […]

4 Reasons Why Women Lift Weights

15 Oct 2018

“You’ll look like a man!” – I’m sure a lot of women have heard this. From men and other women. There are many reasons why women lift weights and I can assure you that you will not look like a man. Men have upwards of 20x the amount of testosterone as women do. It’s the […]

Make SMART Goals!

31 Aug 2018

All about SMART goals and how to achieve success!  Setting goals are so important to achieving success. Having a goal written down is one step closer to accomplishing that goal. Think of how many times you said “Someday” or “Tomorrow”. Those days have come and gone and have you accomplished those goals or made any […]

Tips on How to Exercise Often and Stay Consistent

31 Aug 2018

Here’s why and how to exercise often and stay consistent for better results. You did it! You made the decision to exercise and actually went to the gym. You’ve been going to the gym for a little bit now and feeling pretty good. Yeah, you started working out before and just fell off the wagon, […]

Finding Your Purpose to Get Healthy

14 Oct 2016

I’m too tired. I’m too sore. I’ll start tomorrow. I don’t feel like it. These are some of the many excuses and reasons I’ve heard for not working out (I’m guilty of using some of these myself). I tell my clients and those who start their health and wellness journey, to find their reason why… […]

Why Losing Weight Should Not Be Your Only Goal

26 Aug 2016

I believe in living a sustainable lifestyle–whether it’s exercise or nutrition–it’s a lifestyle that I can have for my entire life. I also advocate a sustainable lifestyle to those that I help. When talking to someone about their health I always ask what their health and wellness goals are. This helps me figure out what […]

Losing Fat vs. Losing Weight

11 Aug 2016

Fat loss and weight loss, what’s the difference? The biggest difference will be in your body composition. Another difference will be in how you train. One of the most common goals for anyone embarking on their health and wellness journey is to lose weight. Losing weight generally has a focus on high-intensity cardio exercises and creating […]