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As you may or may not know when it comes to achieving results it is equally if not more important to be conscious of your eating habits in order to get the best results possible. A lot of people think its hard to follow a diet or even make healthy food choices and I am here to both explain and give you examples of how easy it can be!  Here are the top 5 weight loss tips!

TOP 5 Weight loss tips!

5 Weight Loss Tips

From over 10 years experience both in the fitness industry itself as well as competing in competitive bodybuilding shows I have come up with my top tips and most efficient ways to finally establish an understanding of healthy eating and being able to put it into practice.


A simple yet very effective tool you can implement is that of taking control and making conscious decisions when it comes to portion sizing of foods. I have attached some examples of just how much it can make a difference! When it comes to weight loss and weight came it quite simply comes down to calories in vs calories out. Over consuming of something as little as 200 calories per day consistently will amount to substantial weight game over time. Please refer to image A1.

2. 80-20 RULE

This rule is a very very simple yet effective way of staying on track on a weekly scale. 80 is referring to 80% of your diet being clean foods for example homemade meals, nutrient-dense foods and the biggest one NO FAST FOOD. 20 is obviously the other 20% of your weekly diet which will be a lot less restricted meaning you can eat out and enjoy your fast foods and treats, my number one tip would be to CONTROL your 20%, meaning don’t let it slip and become a cheat day or days. Its simply to ease your cravings and keep you sane! Please refer to image A2.


A huge marketing scheme this day and age is products displaying “fat-free” or “99% fat-free”, Its consumer friendly in the fact that you see the label and instantly feel no guilt in purchasing the product. In most cases yes the fat content may be low though if this is the case always check the sugar content label! You will see that majority of the time if its low fat its high sugar to compensate for taste. Problem with this is quite obvious, sugar may not sound or be as bad as fat though, any sugar that is consumed and not used as energy is then stored and to put it simply turned into fat anyway. So next time your shopping you know what to look for low fat AND low sugar. Please refer to image A3.


The simple way to losing weight! Through tracking exactly what you are eating it will allow you to identify your overall calorie intake over a 24 hour period of time. Popular apps like myfitnesspal are great and simple to use programs that will allow you to do this. My recommendation would be to track your foods for 1 week straight, this will allow you to find an average between the entire week of the calories that you consume. From this point, you can then identify if you have to either lower your intake of food to lose weight or increase it if you are looking to put on some weight or muscle. Please refer to image A4.


Studies have shown that you do not have to do strenuous amounts of exercise to get fat loss benefits. By completing as little as 15 minutes of walking per day it will significantly boost your metabolism resulting in your body breaking down your food both more efficiently and quicker. Another step on top of this would to do your cardio first thing in the morning before your first meal of the day (fasted). What this allows you to do is increase fat burning up to 60%! How this works is that Instead of using energy from food you have eaten your body will turn to using its fat stores as energy given that your body has been in a fasted state overnight while you were sleeping. Please refer to image A5.

These are just a few of the many ways to manipulate both your choices and actions towards eating and looking healthy. I have built a business and career from helping individuals all over the world. With the use of social media, it allows me to reach all parts of the world and spread my knowledge, Through custom meal and training plans I have transformed over 1000 lives in under 1 year!

Whether you are a beginner or advanced I can help you take your health and training to the next level. For more information on what I can offer you please reach out!

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