Exercise The Simple Reason Why you Should Consider Fitness Coaching

The Simple Reason why You Should Consider Coaching with a Professional

Anytime someone wants to learn something new they go to a place, physical or virtual, where someone with more knowledge will teach them. You see it in all aspects of life.

Music lessons, Dog training, learning a second language, computers, knitting; all of these things have resources people use to get guidance on how to perform the tasks they want to perform and improve their skill.

What if I told you that fitness and exercise were no different?

No one is born with the knowledge and skill to play the guitar and no one is born understanding how to work out properly.

Yet for some reason, millions of people spend billions of dollars at gyms and fitness clubs all over the world doing fitness activities while having absolutely no idea what they’re doing.

Too many people find a 6-week workout plan on a fitness website and run to the gym to get ripped and “Lose 10 pounds in days!” For some people, it may work some of the time. Most people don’t see any results at all. Without a personalized training plan, they fail.

There are many factors that go into building a fitness program so that each person doing it will see success and at the same time make it work no matter the fitness level of the person doing it.

Each person has different goals and responds differently to exercise. Yet so few people understand how to 1. Build a fitness routine, 2. Correctly perform movements, or 3. Evaluate and modify the routine for improvement.

  • What is scaling and modification?
  • How does progressive overload work?
  • How can you benefit from super compensation?
  • What is hypertrophy and how do you balance it with max effort work?
  • When do you do accessory work?
  • How important is myofascial release to the recovery process or muscle growth?
  • When is the best time to stretch? What kind of stretching is best?
  • Why is structural power transfer so important?
  • What is transferability in a movement?

These are some of the things that someone developing a well-rounded fitness routine should understand. Trust me, there’s a lot more where that came from.

Remember how I said that fitness was just like the other things that people could learn and do?

It isn’t.

Fitness is MORE complicated than all of them. Most of the skills that people pay someone to teach them are rote skills. They are the same for everyone and learning them is a matter of practice and memorization of repeated patterns.

Fitness uses the same principles for everyone but the application to each person is completely different. Every person has a different body makeup, physical history, genetic profile, goals, and lifestyle. It is near impossible to make any single plan work the same for everyone.

The dilemma

This is why it is more important for people to get a coach to guide them through the process. It’s also why many people don’t even consider getting help. It’s too overwhelming and they feel they’ll never understand it all so following a pre-packaged 6-Week “Get Jacked” program off the Internet is more attainable.

Except it doesn’t work. At-home video workouts, high-tech spin bikes in the living room, Bowflexes by the millions and Americans are still the most unhealthy people in the world. When do we stop and ask for help?

The solution

Find a coach.

A coach will walk you through the process by telling you what you need to do step by step. You don’t need to learn everything about fitness. You just need to do what the coach says to do and learn the pieces that apply to you.

A coach has done all the brain work for you. They are your supplemental source of knowledge. You don’t have to spend years learning about the human body, movement, exercise, and everything else. They’ve done it for you.

Finding a coach gives you so many things that put you way ahead of anyone doing it on their own. You get:

  • Personal guidance and direction
  • Training on how to get the most of your workouts
  • Progressive programming
  • Accountability
  • Progress checks and adjustments
  • Movement evaluation and correction
  • Safety controls and training

Without a coach you get:

  • A gym to work out in
  • The Internet to guide you

What looks like the more cost effective and time-saving option to you? Reach out to me through my profile below and let’s talk about your fitness journey!

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