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The Only Way To Body Transformation

There is only one way to a body transformation… that way is small changes.

No true, lasting transformation can come in a “big bang.”

Anything that comes in a “big bang” is better defined as a band-aid. You don’t want a band-aid because it doesn’t solve anything. The only result a band-aid provides is more guilt in yourself and your ability to transform your body.

Those who are wealthy and stay wealthy have created that wealth one step at a time. Sure, there are people who receive bursts of money…but what usually happens? They usually lose the money fast!

This happens because their patterns have not changed. They have the same spending patterns they had before they received the “miracle money.”

Do you notice a link between the above money situation and fad dieting? Fad dieting promises a quick fix that happens so fast that it’s exciting!! “Finally, the weight is gone!”…but what usually happens…that weight comes back with a vengeance…

Why?…because food and exercise patterns and beliefs have not changed. One who loses weight fast from a fad diet typically puts ALL their trust in whoever created that fad diet…and they don’t believe in themselves to have any lasting weight loss change.

You’ve GOT to The work is not easy, but soooo worth it!! Not only are you doing the work for yourself when you change learned behaviors, but you are also doing the work for your posterity!! If you don’t have posterity, you are doing the work for those who watch you and look up to you.

Your health matters a great deal.

Your health will affect every other area of your life. It’s time to take yourself a little more seriously and start putting yourself on a higher rung on the self-value ladder. It’s also time to start believing you’re worth the time it takes to change unhealthy behaviors.

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You’re SOOOO worth it!!



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