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Neglect means we pay little attention or respect towards something and it usually comes with a cost.

It’s no secret our country is suffering from numerous diseases. Type 2 diabetes, heart disease, and joint pain are just a few of them. These three diseases have two positive things in common, though: They can be prevented and reversed.

Before we dig into how we can prevent and reverse these top three reasons to go to the doctor, let’s address the root cause of these diseases: neglect.

Diseases Root Cause: Neglect

I know it sounds a bit harsh, but hear me out! Neglect means we give little attention or respect towards something. If we neglect being aware of the food and drink we put into our mouths we can develop diabetes and heart disease. If we neglect the importance of movement in everyday life we can develop joint pain (especially low back, shoulder, and knee pain).

There’s many reasons for this neglect. Sometimes we’re just trying to keep our kids alive and make it to the next day. Or sometimes we put others’ needs in front of our own so much we forget to pause and take care of ourselves. We may not know where to even start, so it continues to simmer on the back-burner. We may neglect our bodies because we simply don’t care or understand the significance of self-care.

Regardless of the reason why we may neglect our bodies, it ends in the same result: they start to break down one way or another—and fast.

Pre-diabetes turns into buying insulin and medication, and can progress into more serious disorders (neuropathy, amputation, and blindness just to name a few). Heart disease comes with its own set of pharmaceuticals and cautions. Joint pain is temporarily numbed with over-the-counter medication, or may end in surgery(s). 

Family life can even be impacted by these diseases. You may not be able to enjoy birthday cake a party (without paying for it later), or get on the floor and play with your kids and grandchildren. The financial strain of disease can take its toll on relationships.

The cost of neglect is not cheap—physically, financially and socially. But there is good news!

As long as you’re breathing it’s never too late to start improving your life!

You will be amazed at how quickly you can bounce back and improve. Here are some quick and effective ways to get started:

  • Record your food and drink intake. This is a powerful and revealing practice into how you can start to make positive changes.
  • Schedule 5-minute movement breaks throughout your day. Go for a walk, or do a few squats to get the blood flowing! Your bones and joints will thank you. You will start to feel like a totally new person even after the first mini-workout.
  • Hire a personal trainer to give you a shortcut into creating more awareness, providing accountability, and giving knowledge specific to your situation to improve your health.

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