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How do you get to the root of changing your mindset?

There are some phrases out there in the personal development world that are said so often I don’t think people really understand what they mean anymore. One of them I’ve been contemplating lately is “changing your mindset”.

When you’re frustrated with a situation in your life someone may have told you, “You just need to change your mindset!” They make it sound so obvious, so easy… But not many people will tell you how to change your mindset. It’s easy to tell someone, “Just think positively!” Or “willpower” yourself into a new habit. But more often than not those are just masks to cover the real problem lurking underneath.

So how do you get to the root of changing your mindset?

The answer is simple, but not easy. To change our mindset, we need to humble ourselves and accept a truth we’ve been denying and pushing under the rug—the reality that we CAN be better if we just trade our excuses and lies for the truth.

This definition hit me as I was researching new avenues for my business, but it can easily be applied to other areas of life like health and fitness. For example, when we think of making a change to benefit our health we usually know it has to do with moving more or altering our eating habits. We typically say something like:

“Oh, I know I need to eat less sweets, BUT…”
“I should eat out less and cook at home more, BUT…”
“I really should start working out, BUT…”
“I’m not coordinated enough/too old/too injured to work out.”

A mind that’s not ready to change makes excuses for the mindset they currently have, even if it’s holding them back from something good. A mind that is ready to change accepts that their current thoughts and behavior aren’t in their best interest and actively finds a solution—no excuses. A person with a changed mindset says:

“I eat a lot of sweets, but the reality is they make me feel sluggish. I don’t want my kids to learn how to eat this way, either. I’m going to find a better alternative to my sweet tooth that works for my life and health goals.”
“Eating out isn’t helping my goal to get out of debt and is increasing my midsection. I’m going to find or make the time to do more food prep at home, and learn the cooking skills I need to make it happen.”
“I know working out makes my joints hurt less and feel more energized throughout my week. I’m going to start scheduling my workouts, and ask a fit friend if I can join him/her to stay accountable.”
“I’m going to learn exercises I can do at my skill level. It may not be perfect at first, but I’ll focus on what I can do, rather than what I can’t. I can always get better at it!”

No excuses. All honesty, resolution, and action.

What are the thoughts that are holding you back from being your best self? Are those thoughts even true???  What truth are you denying? What excuses do you give yourself or others to not move forward? What do you need to learn to commit to a new mindset?

Don’t be afraid to face the truth you need to embrace! Admitting it is the hardest step, but the steps afterward get easier as you go. Life is much more rewarding and exhilarating when we move forward in truth rather than decaying from the excuses and lies we cling to.

So now go: “Change your mindset!”

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