Trainers The Benefits of Hiring an Online Nutrition Coach & Personal Trainer

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You may be asking yourself, “why would I hire a personal trainer & nutrition coach?”

Let me start by asking you this: Have you ever said one or maybe all of these things at one time or another?


  • “I can’t afford a personal trainer”
  • “I wish I had more confidence”
  • Or “I hate my body”
  • “I am always tired and have no energy”
  • “I don’t have time to work out”
  • Or “I want to eat healthy but don’t know where to start”
  • “I wish I could follow through with my plans”
  • “I will start on Monday” (my favorite quote)

personal trainer

Now let me give you some reasons why you should hire an online nutrition coach and personal trainer based on some of the excuses that you may have told yourself.



“I can’t afford a personal trainer”

Let’s think of the cost of an online nutrition coach. Let’s take my program for example. I am always upfront with my online costs. My current investment from my clients is $250 every 4 weeks for 1:1 coaching. This may seem like a lot but to some, that is a very reasonable rate to get their health back and have that 1:1 coaching that they need.

However, I do have a different option for those that are on a budget. I have other coaches through MBS Strong that have a different rate. Taylor Riggles is an absolutely amazing coach and she charges $150 for her coaching services.

The best budget-friendly online coaching service MBS Strong offers is something we refer to as MBS Strong Life. This is a group training group that benefits from a community atmosphere with weekly home and gym workouts. You also receive nutrition coaching as well. Monthly phone check-ins and unlimited access to your coach allows you to take full advantage. It is seriously like having a personal trainer and coach in your pocket. At only $50 every 4 weeks. I truly feel everyone could fit this into their budget if it meant enough to them!

Now let’s break down the actual cost of the service.

MBS Strong Group

If you refrain from eating out just 1 X per week that alone covers your cost.

1:1 Coaching with Taylor Riggles

If you skip the coffee line on your way to work; that covers your cost.



1:1 Coaching with Sierra Scheffer

If you can cook 2 meals a week at home for your family instead of hitting that fast food line (not to mention how much healthier it is); that covers your cost.


“I wish I had more confidence” & “I hate my body”

Why not make a change to build that confidence. Sometimes all we need is someone in our corner to motivate us and help hold us accountable. Not only does an online coach provide that, if you find the right one then you also receive nutrition education and how to fuel your body correctly, help you reach goals you never even thought possible, and start to love your body for what it can do instead of how it looks. Your health and mindset should just as important as the aesthetic look most of us are trying to achieve. Trust me when I say that even with the “perfect body”, if your mindset and confidence level doesn’t match, then you will still feel unfulfilled and lack the confidence you sought after in the first place.

sleep deprivation
“I am always tired and have no energy”

You would be very surprised when you start incorporating a more healthy diet and active lifestyle how much your energy levels increase! By hiring an online personal trainer, you can incorporate fitness into your routine from the comfort of your home or a gym of your choice. This will not only help with energy levels but also make you much more productive in your day to day life.

I know it sounds crazy! Trust us, it works!

“I don’t have time to work out”personal trainer

When I was prepping for my bodybuilding show, I had every excuse in the books to use the excuse ” I don’t have time.” I was working a full-time job at an eye clinic, I had a growing online coaching business, two young kids who were involved in many sporting activities, and did it all alone as a single mom. I made the time because it was important to me! What sets those that workout apart from the people who don’t are making it a priority! You should schedule out your workouts just as you would a doctor’s appointment. Why wouldn’t you take preventative health more seriously? Would you rather spend your time in a gym on your terms and be able to live a healthy and active life as oppose to spending those hours in the doctors and being sick and not active outside of those visits?

“I want to eat healthy but don’t know where to start”

That is one of the main goals of your coach! I know I want to educate my clients on how to incorporate healthy alternatives to their favorite foods. There is no reason why you should have to 100% change your entire life around your goals. In fact, that is why many of them fail because they are not sustainable. To my knowledge, none of my previous clients have had a rebound weight gain that you see from fad diets. I feel the biggest reason for this is we work together to figure out ways to be healthier and fit it into what they are already doing on a day to day basis. Yes, there will be changes that need to be made, hence my favorite quote. “Change nothing & nothing changes”, but it shouldn’t be so overwhelming or drastic all at one time! That also ties into I wish I could follow through with my plans”!

” I will start on Monday” 

Why wait! Monday never comes – let’s be honest with ourselves. Find yourself a coach that you trust and connect with. If that seems like me, great, if not, please find one that you feel will help you be successful. We all have different personalities and goals and your investment in a coach should be something that you are 100% on.

Trust your coach, trust the process, & trust that you can make the changes!

Stay in touch!

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