Wellness Perfectly Flawed or Perfectly Beautiful

Perfectly Flawed Or Perfectly Beautiful

“Every little part of me is perfect, perfectly flawed or perfectly beautiful to those who look & judge. But to me, I am perfect.” – @alyssaritchey1

I’ve heard it all. Some have called me beautiful, bad-ass, too thick, too muscular, gorgeous, body goals, gross, disgusting, the point is, everyone’s judgments are different.

Don’t listen to any of it!

My body has transformed into anything I have ever wanted to become. From a young child into a multi-sport athlete in high school. From a young woman into a mother. Then from a mother with stretch marks into a bodybuilder. From going from under 10% body fat with an unhealthy mindset into a woman who found balance in training and nutrition. From a new business owner into soon to be a competitive powerlifter. And from a competitive powerlifter into…

The list goes on as our lives do. Who you are now is what you should love. That doesn’t mean you can’t have the desire to change who you want to be or what can be achieved. Your body is just that. A body. A vessel to achieve your goals and dreams.

Your goals and dreams. Nobody else’s.

Don’t let other’s opinions or input define you. Believe in yourself and go after it. If you are doing what you love, let your body be a reflection of that. If you aren’t loving what you are doing, not what you look like, then change.

Follow the soul and the body will come. Your soul and mindset are much more important than what the body looks like. Your inside health will help carry your body and your soul into a long & fulfilled life. Do what is best for you without others’ opinions or judgments affecting how you choose to live your life.

Be You. Be Strong. And be Confident. Mind. Body. Soul.

-Sierra from MBS Strong

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