Nutrition You Don’t Have To Suffer: Caloric Deficit

Read all about caloric deficit.

caloric deficit

There are no hard and fast rules for dieting. Confusing right? Everyone automatically assumes that because they are on a diet, they should be suffering and hating life. Why?

Losing body fat is hard, yes, but it does not have to be as hard as people make it seem.

You can enjoy your favourite foods. You can eat whenever you want. There’s one important rule for fat loss:

You must be in a caloric deficit.

You Don’t Have To Suffer: Caloric Deficit

This means eating less than you are expending. Do more, eat a little less. Stay consistent. Don’t give up.

You don’t have to eat kale and drink smoothies and give up carbs and workout at 7am and do fasted cardio and take a bunch of supplements. NO.

Unless you are inherently that person (which kudos to you if it is), you do not have to become that person.

Here’s a brief little something about me:

I love high carb/high fat foods. (i.e. chocolate, pizza, donuts, m&m peanuts, ice cream…you see where I’m going with this). Here’s the thing though. I like to stay relatively lean. What wins out in this battle? My food cravings or my body and how I present myself? For me, it’s my body. That is my focus. The treats happen, and sometimes I overindulge, but I’m right back on plan the next meal/day.

If you want to take control of your physical appearance and change something, you have to change something about your habits.

Yes, tracking macros can be meticulous, but it is also a skill

If you are prioritizing what you want most. You can grab an egg white sandwich for breakfast instead of a muffin. Does that mean the muffin is bad? No. But the egg white sandwich gives you more in terms of nutrients (mainly protein), and will help more with your body composition.

Back to me. I eat 2 cookies a day. As I write this I am on ~2300 calories, with 215g of carbs. So I’m giving up ~20g of carbs just to have those cookies. Why? Because I f***in love cookies. I have lost ~12lbs in 12 weeks. I have overeaten on more than a few occasions, but I got right back to it after. I never lost sight of my fat loss goals. And neither should you.

Even though I’m saying to enjoy your favourite foods and still lose body fat, that doesn’t mean that sacrifices don’t need to be made. You can have a slice of pizza, not half a pizza. Have 1 donut, not 3. See what I’m saying?

If you really want to lose body fat, gain a bunch of confidence, and enjoy life while doing so, DO IT.

Make the smart decisions and be consistent. If you don’t know where to start, I am always available to help!

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