Exercise How To Stay Focused

It isn’t easy to stay focused day in and day out. Staying focused is often times the hardest part of the battle, but once you have mastered a few techniques – you will have a whole new perspective on your training.

  1. First let’s figure out what is your main obstacle: Time? Food? Friends? Fear? Doubt?
  2. Set yourself up for success
    • Make a plan
    • Stick to the plan
    • Work the plan
  3. Start out easy and realistic
    • If you have realistic plan, it will be easier to maintain focus.
    • Be realistic:
      • How much time do you REALLY have to commit to exercise?
      • Start out slowly and gradually increase time, tension and effort


Conquer these 3 first steps, it may take a few days or a few weeks. It’s okay. Creating a firm foundation that you can continue to build on is key.How To Stay Focused

Things that help you stay focused:

  • Celebrate ALL your victories. No matter how small, GIVE YOURSELF CREDIT.
  • If the plan goes south, do something anyways – go for a walk, do push ups while you wait for the bus, etc. Get out of the mindset that you have to follow the plan. This can be crippling, especially on days that life takes over. Do something… anything.
  • Encourage others. Tell a stranger they look great, make an encouraging comment to a friend on social media. Become a positive force in the world around you.

No matter the stress, frustration or victory, stay the course!

Breathe, slow down if you need to, but don’t stop!!! You can do this. You can conquer any of your goals just be realistic and stay positive!

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