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A client must have confidence to start but it takes courage to finish

When I first meet a client I screen them carefully to see where their mind is. I am looking for two important elements when I decide to take clients on. Please understand that I would like to drive everyone to reach their goals but I do know that I will fall short with some. However, a client must have confidence to start but it takes courage to finish. One must understand that they have the potential to be great, but they must also understand that this is a journey. To execute a program takes patience and resilience .

The Power to Start

The Power to Start

What I mean is, you will not be perfect in your quest for better health and fitness. Most people don’t commit to taking on fitness programs for fear of failing. Well I would like to tell you  a BIG SECRET! You will fail and you won’t be perfect, but rest assure that success comes when you refuse to give up. A fitness journey takes a courageous mindset to push toward a better life. You will have to deny yourself some of your favorite things, stop hanging with people who don’t respect your quest for a healthier lifestyle, start cooking, and so on.

Some of you are reading this and saying “Kellon, this is a little extreme!”.

Well so is living in a body and lifestyle that you no longer desire to be a part of for a fear of failing. Where ever your mind goes, the body will follow. I encourage all my clients as well as you to take it one day at a time and give your best efforts. In doing so, the road gets a little easier as we see results along the way. Be courageous in your quest for a better and healthier life!

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