Lifestyle From Skinny To Bulky In 6 Months: Personal Story of Body and Mind Transformation

5 years ago, I decided to stop being skinny. Last year, I actually engaged in that decision. Today, I am impressed. I proved myself I could.

This blog explains how I went from skinny to bulky in 6 months, and mainly my psychological preparation before engaging in my transformation.

From Skinny To Bulky In 6 Months: A Personal Story of Body and Mind Transformation

Naturally, my metabolism is fast, so eating 3 big meals a day wasn’t doing much.

I was always an active kid, from sprinting to soccer and karting, so stepping up my fitness during the end of college wasn’t as tough. What was tough though, was finding out what really suited my body’s needs.

Countless hours watching YouTube videos and reading blogs for days, months, years even before I started truly engaging. Many times I tried other people’s programs and routines only to stop mid-week and realize something wasn’t right.

Everybody is Different

What I did instead, was combine every single content that I have researched since the beginning of time, and filtered the ones I truly needed after some experimenting.

An example of my workout routines:

I tried so hard to stick with someone else’s workout schedule with the hopes of becoming as ‘impressive’ as that person is. His schedule revolved around a one muscle group workout per week basis. For some one like me, who hates sitting around waiting for the week to end until I have to hit chest again, it’s hell.

Especially when your body is yelling at you: I’m Ready! I’m Repaired! You feel any soreness!? Exactly! What are you waiting for! work me out!” My body simply recuperated a lot faster than most.

My point is that if it works for others, it doesn’t necessarily mean it will work for you.

Waste of time? Just a bit yes, I could have included tons more workouts in between that ‘personal trainer’s’ routine from

Not a complete waste of time because it made me understand what I needed, from experimenting first hand. To understand, I had to gather the info, get out there and engage, experiment with that info. Not just blindly follow what I’ve learned. I tried to find ways to make it better, ways to achieve the optimum potential of my body’s fitness. And for that, I had to improvise, construct my own routine.

I compiled all valuable workouts, and categorized them in a way that suited me best. Going from skinny to bulky, then finally shredded.

Experiment with Yourself

Most lazy people sit there watching guides and advice blogs/vids all day, trying to find the answer to achieving the perfect beach body.

Don’t get me wrong, researching advice on YouTube and blogs is important, but what is the point if you are not going to engage with what you’ve learned? More importantly, if you aren’t going to pick up on the clues your body is giving you, ‘what to improve’, and ‘how to improve’.

There is no standardized routines on the internet that will work best for you. We are all too unique. Yes, of course it will help, but why not go a further step and try and understand what else you can do to improve.

Get out there and experiment! Because the more you wait, the less aware you are of your needs, the more uncertain you get, the less likely you’ll find yourself impressed with your transformation from skinny to bulky.

I’m tired of hearing people throw out excuses about how they don’t have time, because of work. Incorrect. You do have plenty of time, but you don’t have the will or attitude required yet.

Time Is Our Biggest Gift

If you truly don’t have time, and wish to be more active and fit, you’re doing something wrong. Allocate more time for yourself, invest time and energy for your body and mind’s sake. If you want to get healthier, prioritize health, simple.

If you don’t care about getting fit, that’s fine with me. I know some folks who never exercise, and no they’re not obese or anorexic, they’re healthy looking individuals, and they live perfectly. If that works for them, good for them. I don’t see them complain or give out pathetic excuses and feel bad about the fact they don’t have time.

Hence, have the right attitude towards achieving an impressive physique and lifestyle. A positive attitude and a strong drive to prove yourself you can get better, will become your fuel. And down the road, people’s appreciation of your success will catalyze your will to get stronger even more.

You will hear people say: “Holy! You got big bro!” A lot. Get ready for that. It feels amazing.

Challenge Yourself

At the end of the day, this should be a race between your negative and positive sides. Prove yourself you can, you will, before trying to impress others.

It took me 5 years to actually physically drop the bullshit, and get out there and experiment. Once I did, it took me half a year to achieve my goal. Because I prioritized and stopped complaining. I engaged and went on, no distractions.

It’s not magic, my desire was just so powerful that I never missed one single day as I never allowed myself to. I printed out dozens of workout routines that I’ve created because I developed my needs. And I started understanding what my body was telling me.

So over the time, I constructed a super personalized routine that worked specifically for me. Because someone else’s routine worked best for that guy’s body, not mine. I’m training my body, and I’m the only one who knows what and how to improve my body, from engaging with it every day. Sure I’ll take your advice, but I’ll work over it too and make it better.

How I Went from Skinny to Bulky in 6 Months

  1. Know what you want (think about how ‘future you’ will be, that’s your goal)
  2. Prioritize (no brainer, start allocating time to that goal)
  3. Learn what you need, to achieve that goal
  4. Expand your intellectual horizon (books, vids, blogs)
  5. Engage, experiment with what you’ve learned (get moving)
  6. Determine what and how you can improve (this is on-going, it will never stop)
  7. Never stall, don’t give up, be consistent, maintain that improvement

Final Key Points

  • Experiment with yourself after acquiring some research
  • Use the time you have, invest in your active lifestyle
  • Challenge Yourself, set a goal, eliminate distractions, you’re here to win. If you’re still complaining, that means you haven’t yet – I’m trademarking that.

With this I will leave you to get moving! Be consistent! And don’t give up! It’s your turn!

My pre- and post-transformation photos

From Skinny To Bulky in 6 MonthsFrom Skinny To Bulky in 6 Months


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