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setting yourself up for success

Ready to learn all about goal setting that works?!

In this article, we will explore the keys to setting yourself up for success and unleashing your inner greatness.

We often find ourselves setting goals with the best of intentions, but they seem to fizzle out quickly. We will dive into the reasons why goals typically fail and discover practical techniques to turn your resolutions into lasting habits. Let’s explore understanding the stages of change, habit loops, implementation intentions, SMART goals, and the power of taking small steps to boost your self-efficacy.

Why Goals Typically Fail:

Recognizing the desire to make a change is the first step in the journey towards success. However, merely setting a date for change without preparation can lead to failure. Many individuals fail to stick to their resolutions because they overlook the importance of understanding past obstacles and their current stage of change. To build lasting habits, we must delve deeper into our patterns of behavior and approach goal setting mindfully.

Understanding the Stages of Change:

The stages of change are crucial to navigate on your path to success. From precontemplation to action, each stage requires unique strategies and approaches. By understanding where you are in this journey, you can tailor your efforts and develop the resilience needed to move forward.

According to the Transtheoretical model of change, there are five basic stages you’ll pass through before creating a change in your life. *Newer representations of the model include a 6th stage (relapse.) This reflects the fact that mistakes are part of the process and the way you address your missteps plays a big role in your ability to stick to change. What are the chances that you’re going to be ready for the action stage at exactly the same time the calendar rolls over to your goal start date? They are probably pretty slim. This is why it is important to look into your goals more deeply to make sure they are realistic.


Habit Loops:

Habits form the foundation of lasting change. Habit loops involve identifying the cue, routine, and reward of your behaviours. By recognizing the triggers that initiate certain habits, you can consciously introduce new routines that lead to positive outcomes, reinforcing your path to success. Knowing that cravings are the MOTIVATION behind every habit is important as well!

40% of our actions every day are HABITS, not actual decisions!
What is your habit loop?
  • Are you implementing a good habit or removing a bad habit?
  • Identify the cue, routine and reward through self-reflection and tracking


For example:
Cue: Phone buzzes (triggers craving) Craving: You want to read the text (anticipation/desire) Routine: You look at the phone, text (delivers the reward) Reward: Satisfy craving to read message (satisfies craving)
Implementation Intentions:

Implementation intentions are powerful tools to make your goals more achievable. By establishing specific plans and anticipating potential obstacles, you equip yourself to overcome challenges proactively. These intentions serve as a roadmap, helping you stay on track and maintain focus.

The 2 most common elements of cues are:
  1.  Time
  2.  Place (location)

Create what is called an “Implementation Intention” to help with your cues.

Your implementation intention should be tied to a time and place
(When situation X arises, I will perform response Y)

For example:
“When I think about snacking while watching TV, I will go brush my teeth”
SMART Goals:

Setting SMART (Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Resources, Time-based) goals is essential for creating clear and focused objectives. By setting precise goals with defined metrics and deadlines, you create a roadmap that boosts your chances of success and provides a sense of direction.

Specific: Describe your goal clearly.
Measurable: How will you track the activity and success of your goal?
Achievable: Can you meet this goal?
Resources: What resources will you use to meet this goal?
Time-based: When will you reach this goal by?

Weak Goal: I want to drink more water
Strong Goal: I want to drink at least 3 glasses of water a day for the next 2 months to help improve my water intake. I will track this by using my water tracking app everyday. I will reach this goal on January 1st and will reward myself with a new eco-friendly water bottle when I achieve it!

Taking Small Steps to Self-Efficacy:

Self-efficacy is a person’s belief in their ability to complete a task or achieve a goal. So basically telling yourself and believing “I CAN DO IT!” The journey to success is not about overnight transformations but rather taking small, consistent steps towards your goals. Each achievement, no matter how small, boosts your self-efficacy and strengthens your belief in your capabilities. Celebrate these milestones and let them propel you towards greater heights. When your self-efficacy belief on a task is high, you try harder.Less distracted, persist longer, use better problem-solving.

In conclusion…. as you embark on your journey of setting yourself up for success, remember that it is a continuous process of learning, adapting, and growing. Understanding why goals typically fail, recognizing the stages of change, harnessing the power of habit loops and implementation intentions, setting SMART goals, and taking small steps to self-efficacy are all critical components of your success roadmap.

Be patient with yourself, embrace the challenges, and celebrate every victory, no matter how small. The path to greatness lies within your hands, and by unleashing your inner greatness, you will create a life of fulfillment, purpose, and achievement.

Now, armed with these empowering techniques, go forth and create the life you desire my fellow adventurers—step by step, goal by goal, and triumph by triumph. Remember, success is not just the destination—it is the incredible journey you embark on every day. Unleash your inner greatness and take charge of your success. The world is waiting for the greatness within you to shine brightly! I am here to cheer you on!!! 

-Coach Tiff


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