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How you speak to yourself matters 

The most terrifying and equally liberating realization is that you are in control of you. This means the good AND the bad, & conversely the bad AND the good;  “you got you.”  


  1. Best friend 
  2. Confidant 
  3. Advocate 

Top 3 THINGS WE TEND TO BE (insert loud BOOOOO! here) 

  1. Critical 
  2. Bully 
  3. Insecure- in many forms

Objectives – why does this matter for fitness, nutrition, or my workouts? 

You engage in self-talk regularly. Truly this is nothing new. I bet you’ve even complained to yourself at least once today! How about let someone else’s actions or words completely de rail your day? So you react in frustration or sarcasm, & then How did you feel after that sarcastic, low energy remark? Better? Most likely not. We need to treat & speak to ourselves better. 

How you show up for yourself every day is the difference.

Greet everyday as if you are already the version of you that you choose to be. If you choose to have fun at work despite the mundane or stressful tasks- you’ll have fun. If you choose to be drained, frustrated or DEPENDENT on others’ moods/actions; you gave away your day!

“The FOUR Agreements” By Don Miguel Ruiz 

I discovered this book circa 2013 in a small town book shop out of Yellow Springs, OH. While in the process of moving- I was meeting my then husband’s family and despite being newly married, pregnant and with no solid living arrangement in Washington, this book found me. 

Its message has had a profound impact on my life through the years, and I truly see how these agreements have come to fruition in my values and life. I believe they are worth sharing for those interested- Side note, I adjusted the “do not” verbiage as I believe in the power of “doing” rather than ‘not doing’. 

1- Be impeccable with your word 

2 – Never make assumptions 

3 – Never take anything personally 

4 – Always do your best 

These four agreements act as a framework for establishing values and boundaries for yourself & your relationships. Once I know what I value, I can establish boundaries and drop that victim play card- now I’m in charge. Keep it simple, no need to add or complicate these- always revert to the basics! 

Be your own best friend! 

Would you speak to a friend the way you speak to yourself?  Take your time and think about this. 

Our inner critic is often brutal. Did you know that- you have choices. You can choose to be the victim of your own thoughts (self sabotaging at best) OR flip the script and be your own hype (wo)man!

YOU NEED TO KNOW THAT YOU are capable of it all. YES Crushing new goals, establishing better habits, and taking charge of all the mismatched leggo pieces that make up your life. Nobody is going to this or convince you, YOU GOT THIS!

If you want changes in your life, Positive self talk is a must have tool  into making changes possible and for sure stick.

POSITIVE self talk tools are your start to filter out the ‘stuff’ that’s no longer helping you live the life you desire.  If we’re going to talk to ourselves let’s clear the junk out. Call yourself out for self sabotage, playing the victim & start to take accountability for the now.

Sounds super simple BUT it’s definitely not and is a gradual process. Start with noticing when you’re being harsh or critical with yourself. Check yourself, acknowledge the passing moment;  Avoid judgment & attaching an emotion to the thought as it passes.  Redirect with a 3 count breath, affirmation or positive true statement about YOU. 

It is going to be tough, maybe weird & uncomfortable at first BUT you might as well TRY  to be your biggest FAN along the way! 

GET excited! GET control of your day! Because YOU GET TO!

“I get to” statements are powerful. They set the tone for what’s ahead in a confident, enthusiastic, & motivated direction. Compared to an “I have to” mindset which sometimes feels like you’re being held against your will. ..-yikes-

With an “I get to” statement you’re mixing in a daily dose of gratitude;  watch this fill your day with energy and excitement!

!! Personal share:

I had to notice how often and how awful my inner monolog was before I could actually start working with the “I get to” & “I am” affirmations. I was very uncomfortable at first, but growth demands that of us & I am happy to finally share this with you!! 

Some great reads: 
“The Four Agreements” Don Miguel Ruiz 
“YOU ARE A BADASS” By Jen Sincero  (Chapter 6 especially- “Love the one you is”)

Enjoy all &  thanks for reading!


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