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Take time to acknowledge the journey and progress and give yourself more self-recognition

Take time to acknowledge the journey and progress and give yourself more self-recognition

As important as it is to have goals and be constantly working towards something more, it’s also important to acknowledge the hard work you’ve put in and how far you’ve come.⁣

If we always only focus on “being better” without taking time to acknowledge the journey and progress we’re making, the whole ordeal can seem like an overwhelming, never-ending, uphill battle.⁣

Recognition helps us re-affirm value, acknowledge progress, and can fuel additional motivation to keep going or even level up.⁣

Maybe you work out for your mental health and your goal isn’t a specific metric. Also, look back and acknowledge how you’ve been feeling lately. Recognize all the days/times you did commit to a workout.⁣

You can acknowledge your main weight loss goal you’re working towards, but also take time to recognize the weight you may have already lost so far (regardless of how long it’s taken) and what you did to get there.

Highlight any new behaviors you’ve implemented.

Perhaps a new routine, a shift in how you eat, how you drink more water, the new knowledge or lessons you’ve learned, the investment you’ve made in yourself by hiring a coach, the commitment of time spent in your workouts, etc.⁣

Perhaps you’re looking to put on muscle and you acknowledge some personal bests, or how much your form improved from repeated exercise/movement patterns.⁣

Practice more self-recognition.

Giving ourselves a pat on the back can be harder to do than accepting it from others. But, just like we enjoy being recognized by our peers or at the workplace, it’s important to practice self-recognition and acknowledge how far you’ve come. Working towards big goals can seem like a daunting task that never arrives. However, celebrating the small wins along the way can help you stay more engaged, keep your spirits high, and help you realize you’re further along your journey than you thought.⁣

Where is an area in your life you can give yourself some recognition right now?

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