Exercise Resistance Training and Weight Loss

Resistance Training and Weight Loss

The most common reason

The most common reason people decide to increase their fitness level is to achieve a weight loss goal. Whether it’s for a wedding, a birthday, or just to feel comfortable in a bathing suit during the summertime we all want to shed those stubborn pounds. But how do you do it? We go to the gym and see people doing the cardio machines and we see people lifting weights but both categories contain a wide variety of body types. So then which method is helping people lose weight? The answer is both. Resistance training and aerobic/cardio training aide in weight loss in different ways. Aerobic exercise burns calories and has a direct impact on caloric expenditure, more so than resistance training. However, resistance training is a MAJOR contributor to weight loss, and this is because of the indirect impact it has on caloric expenditure.

Negative energy balance

Weight loss requires what is known as a negative energy balance. Having a negative energy balance means that you are burning a greater amount of energy during physical activity compared to the amount of energy you are putting back into your body, where energy and calories are synonymous. Sounds simple enough right? The challenge with this is maintaining a negative energy balance over time to achieve the desired weight loss. So how do you do that? Well, think of calories like money. What is one way the rich stay rich? They make money while they sleep! They have created programs that literally make them money without even trying. This principle is one of the big keys to weight loss! You must make your body use more energy while at rest. Therefore increasing your energy output and helping you achieve that negative energy balance.

Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR)

This energy produced at rest is known as your Resting Metabolic Rate (RMR). During the weight loss process, one of the major goals is to increase this rate. The way we do that is through resistance training! Resistance training results in an increase of your lean muscle mass which is directly related to an increased RMR. The increased RMR has a significant impact on creating a negative energy balance which in turn helps YOU lose weight!

A trend that is common with those trying to lose weight is an increase in cardio training, zero resistance training, and a decrease in calories due to extreme dieting. When this happens our bodies are forced into survival mode and begin to break down muscle for energy. This breaks down results in a decreased RMR that not only goes against your weight loss efforts but can also lead to other severe health problems over time. To prevent this from happening you must incorporate resistance training into your workout program in addition to the cardio training, as well as maintain a caloric intake that is appropriate for your energy output.

Incorporate BOTH resistance training AND cardio training

In conclusion, to be successful with your weight loss goals you MUST incorporate BOTH resistance training AND cardio training into your fitness routine. The resistance training will increase your Resting Metabolic Rate and allow your body to burn more calories internally, and the cardio training will burn overall calories helping you achieve a negative energy balance that will help you achieve your weight loss goals!!

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