Lifestyle What’s your Potential?

It’s like a Lamborghini being modified to only go 5 mph. While capable of so much more, it can be programmed to limit its incredible power and ability! But the potential is always there. It’s the same with us! We’re created to be masters of the earth, with limitless skills and abilities. Yet here we are. Most of us believing we’re only capable of being good at a handful of things. Living and dying with the belief that we’ll only be successful or talented is we’re lucky or blessed.  Understanding your potential is the first step to happiness.

What's your Potential?

The second, is to understand that feeling anyway outside of how YOU want to feel is the Evil finding its way into your mind. Those feelings and thoughts you don’t want to have or feel are not your own, you did not create them they were brought into you.

We always have these goals we set, whether it’s to achieve something or maybe just lose some weight. At one point in time we all knew that was what WE wanted for ourselves. But the evil finds its way into our mind. Making us take a step back, or change our minds completely. Causing us to lose focus on what we know in our hearts is right and important to us.

So the next time you set a goal, pay attention. When those thoughts of doubt enter your mind understand you are under attack. A force is working against you to keep you down, to keep you in a spot you don’t want to be. Nice and sedated, focused on all the hype happening around us we aren’t able to see the shackles in our own lives.

Set yourself free, only you can, and only you will. No on else can save you. Protect your mind. Be very careful who and what you allow into it! Pay attention, focus on what is truly important. Starting with your body. If you believe in god then you KNOW more than anyone else that we are his creation. Made in his image, with limitless potential, yet we struggle with something as simple as taking care of our own bodies.

THE ONE THING WE HAVE, and we neglect it and disconnect it from our lifestyles are much as we can! Wake up people, we are living in disgrace for no reason other than the truth hurts, and we don’t want to work for it.

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