Wellness How is Your Physical Health Connected to Your Mental Health?

We want to bring light to this topic as is important to us and we have experienced all of these topics first hand. Our physical health and mental health go hand in hand and ends up being a lot of peoples struggle when trying to make progress in either physical or mental health, though the other is being neglected.

We cannot be content with any progress towards our physical goals when mentally we are very much unhealthy. This is our focus in what we do. We want to focus on you as a whole person, this is a lifestyle change, not just a fitness journey, every part of your health is an important part of reaching your ultimate goal.

Here are some very important ways that our physical health is related to our mental health:

1. Nutrition – The foods we put into our body have a major impact on our mental health, believe it or not, they affect our mood and behavior everyday. The intake of a lot of processed foods or a lack of certain macro-nutrients may lead to mental health illnesses such as depression or anxiety.

2. Hydration – Our mood, energy levels, and clear mindedness all are affected by the amount of water we consume in a day, and for most people it is no where near enough.

2. Sleep – Lack of sleep is related to a handful of mental illnesses such as; depression, anxiety, bipolar disorder, ADHD, and others.

3. Exercise – Most people won’t believe it till the give it a solid shot, but for a lot of people exercise is proven to be more effective than other therapies at reducing symptoms of anxiety, depression, other mental illnesses and is beneficial for individuals with ADHD.

4. Substance Use – Including alcohol, drugs, medications, and tobacco all have an affect on our physical and mental health. All these substances are most commonly used as a coping mechanism, or ‘relief’ from stress, a physical or mental disorder or illness, though they only increase these underlying issues and progressively make them worse. Yes, even prescription medications, used to help treat an ailment, though the side affects of them can have an adverse affect on your mental health without realizing it.

Honestly, these are all so essential to your physical and mental well being and by making some adjustments in these areas you will be surprised in the ways of which they will help you reach your goals. Maybe these tips are what you have been looking for or didn’t realize you needed, but think about each of these aspects of your life.

There is a spotlight put on our physical health, the outer shell of who we see on the outside when we look at a person. What if you could see a picture of the inside of their mind and soul?

Take care of your physical health just as much as you take care of you mental health, make it a priority! Message us and we can help you start your journey to a healthy lifestyle that includes your physical and mental health.

Team DeterminedLife,
Brooke & Logan

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