Lifestyle Personal Training in the Era of Covid

Personal Training in the Era of Covid...

I thank you for visiting this page. You are reading the very first blog post that I have written on Trainerize and wanted to start with a very pressing topic that has affected every single person on this earth. Why Personal Training is needed in the Era of COVID-19 & also why it is more important than ever to keep your immune system strong…

The¬†Easy Road…(Leads to Struggle & Pain)

In tough times like COVID-19, I often find that many people turn to excuses as to why not to exercise, rather than the reason ‘to’ exercise. This is what I like to call the easy road!!!! The easy road is when you sit at home and comfort eat and drink because it’s the easy thing to do. Everyone has been locked up and there are limited things to do. This leads to a massive struggle in the long term. It will result in lost energy, weight gain, depression, and much much more. I add depression in as our down mood from a lack of exercise is a form of depression.

Also when we are now in the middle of a pandemic and the winter months are coming, it’s even easier for people to take the easy road. The weather is cold outside. It gets dark earlier in the evening and therefore our natural human behavior is ‘Stay Indoors’. We have to learn to program our minds to do the complete opposite which is to work out and make sure we are fit.

The Solution…To Online Personal Training & Group Classes (The Freedom)

When you get yourself mentally in the right place, then working out with a trainer online or in person will allow you to live freely. You will be able to do all the things you want…run around and play with your kids, have tremendous amounts of energy, have a healthier outlook on life plus much much more…THIS IS WHY EXERCISE IS VITAL. I have included 3 key benefits of training with a trainer & gaining exercise through this pandemic and why it is VITAL you start now…

Your Body is the Engine

Your body will allow you to do everything you want in your life, but you must first look after it. This again includes getting the exercise it needs. How would you treat a brand new car (you don’t throw all the junk from your old car into it – you keep it tidy), the same thing with exercise and our body – LOOK AFTER IT!!!!

Many people think using a trainer is not needed, however using a trainer is quite the opposite. Trainers provide guidance on training techniques, program designs and nutrition to ensure you down overtrain, become injured are start doing things that are not good for your body. Now, this does not have to be in a private training setting but it is certainly the most beneficial. Is it worth the money if in 6 months you can say, I have never been in better shape? Or worth it in 6 months you are potentially in the same place?

Nutrition Is Key

Trainers help you with training techniques but often one big area that is often forgotten is Nutrition. One thing for sure though is that you can train 100 hours a week if your nutrition is not correct – YOU FAIL!!!! The reason: Your engine requires good fuel in order to operate – no fuel is running out of gas! Secondly, it needs good fuel….Soda, Chips and all the bad food is like putting diesel in a regular gasoline car. It will go a bit but then it ruins the exercise regime that has just taken place. Let me be clear though if you do this once per week say a Sunday it won’t have a massively adverse effect but if you do this 3, 4 or 5 times a week it’s bad.

Swift CPT offers a weekly nutrition plan based on your body’s needs and requirements as part of our body transformation program. So you will be provided with everything you need to be successful. One of the KEY benefits of using a trainer is for nutrition plans….Pssssst – Nutrition also boosts your immune system.

Deep Review On Check In Progress

Finally, one major benefit of a trainer is a robust, in-depth review of your progress against the goals you set out at the start of your body transformation plan, whether that is fat loss & muscle gain, muscular endurance or simply to become fitter.

Swift CPT has an in-depth video review program. It ensures that you get absolutely everything you need in order to be successful. You can’t do this for yourself just as much as I couldn’t do this myself. As an individual typically you only see what you really want to see. So a trainer provides an independent to ensure you have a complete overlook of your progress. Swift Fit CPT offers this video review so you WILL be a complete success.


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