Lifestyle Peak Week, What Is It?

Peaking the body to be aesthetically pleasing for a bodybuilding show, photoshoot, or even for vacation is all the same. It is for anyone that wants to look their absolute best on a specific date and use this week to reduce the water found in the outer extracellular layer (epidermis) all while keeping the water inside the intracellular layer (inside the muscle) to keep the muscle bellies full and defined. The Epidermis layer is responsible for the look and health of the skin and it holds a large amount of water. The body maintains a balance of 70/30 (extra/inter). Your body’s water balance is incredibly important to cell function, blood volume, blood pressure, etc.

Be mindful that the reduction of water in either layer directly affects the other. If you just take a diuretic to “dry out” or cut water you will lose water in the extracellular layer, but to keep homeostasis the body will re-balance that 70/30 ratio which will leave things unchanged and ultimately “flatten” your physique.

The overall idea of the process is slowly increasing carbs or reducing carbs (front-loading or back-loading). Keeping sodium intake moderate and water intake balanced. Conditioning the body prior to peak week with consistent cardio slowly increasing intensity to increase MHR (burning fat and reducing water). Re-feeding the body with carbohydrates towards the end of the week and pulling water on the day.

Try to target being in shape generally 2 weeks out from peak week, meaning lean physique (low body fat percentage) with the definition of muscle in order to get the full effects of “peak week”. Check below for the 4 must-know categories for peak week (Water Manipulation, Sodium intake, Cardio/conditioning, Dieting guide).

Water manipulation

Study your water intake from the beginning of the week. Drink your normal consistent amount of water (1L, 5L, 1gallon, etc.) and based on the details in the body you have room to be able to remove or add water towards the end of the week. If you are looking watery you can pull water, if flat you can add water.

Minerals (Sodium & Potassium)

A lot of people like to pull sodium, water, and add potassium, but the results are very flat muscle bellies. Sodium balance in your body directly affects fluid dynamics and blood volume. No matter how many carbs you eat it will never get transported without proper blood flow. This is activated by sodium. Cutting sodium can interfere with a proper carb loading. SLGT-1 (protein) is responsible for glucose absorption, limiting your ability to absorb glucose and achieve that desired fullness. Which leaves it stuck in your intestines and have you looking pregnant. We don’t want to see any bloated guts!


Conditioning the body you want to slowly increase the intensity (Maximum Effort) throughout the weeks before peak week. Based on your weight and aesthetic look you can add or subtract cardio closing closer to your big day. Setting a target goal can keep you in your maximum zone keeping the gears turning and your body burning calories from fat instead of anticipating the workout and storing what it doesn’t need. Example: Cal burning goal of 300. You can set that goal and once completed track your time and try to beat that time the next round to increase your cardiovascular system (the stronger your heart the more conditioned the body will look).

Dieting (carb front loading & backloading)

Try adding these foods to create a lean look and reduce fat. Lean meats as in chicken breast, tilapia, sway fish, shrimp, lean steak (ex. top round), 93-99% ground turkey. Low dense vegetables green beans, asparagus, cucumbers, etc. carbs high on the glycemic index such as rice, sweet potatoes, and oats.

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