Exercise The Size Guide

The Size Guide

No matter if you are a male or female, everyone wants to pack on some quality size to their favorite muscle group (Arms, Back, Chest, Booty). Gaining has always been a winning factor to me no matter what type of growth there is, whether its performance, functional or aesthetically based. I have been an active athlete my entire life and served as a physical training leader for special operations for over 3 years.

Post-separation I decided to step up to the plate and try the bodybuilding world. My frame was athletic but not aesthetically built. I prepped for my first show in 2018 and 8 weeks later I stepped on stage and became a 3x medalist in my first competition. My physical progression has skyrocketed in just a year putting me in three 1st place wins. Through this journey, I had to become teachable in order to develop the training techniques that delivered the undeniable results.

How do we gain size in specific areas?

Isn’t it true you can’t spot reduce and spot increase? Why have I not been able to gain the size that I want? Well, when it comes down to gaining sizes in specific areas you need to stimulate that muscle group more than the suggested average. In simple methods, we aim at training the muscle group at least three times a week to overstimulate the muscle “Over Training”. Science would call it nonsense, but practice would prove it to be true. You see, bodybuilding is a practice, not something you find in a trainer’s handbook. It takes time to gain knowledge by experience and turn it into processes of wisdom!

Lifting form & technique is a very important part to optimizing your training. You can have the most extravagant plan, but if you don’t execute it right then you wasted your time! Basically, by not having proper exercise technique you are losing about 55% of your possible progress. Another thing to highlight is technique, by constantly confusing your muscles and abandoning muscle memory by implementing different techniques you essentially make your muscles work twice as hard. The more fatigued your muscles are the more recovery is needed and thus more growth happens.

Be sure to check out my upcoming E-Books for more detailed guidance on building size, lifting form, and techniques.

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