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The fitness world is transitioning from in-person coaching to the online sector. With apps available on your phone, tablet and computer, you can complete workouts at home or in the gym with ease and guidance. Not to mention the cost effectiveness of online training that makes it much more affordable for every client out there.

Online Personal Training versus In Person, Personal training. Advantages and disadvantages.

Benefits of Online Personal Training

Online personal training comes with many benefits. It offers workouts to any client who has a smart phone, tablet or computer. Because of the technology, you have access to recorded video explanations of each exercise, a clear schedule of your workouts and other online features available depending on the trainer. With all of this, you know what to expect in each session. Plus, you are not tied to the availability of a personal trainer. You also have access to a wide variety of trainers with different coaching styles and techniques.

online personal training benefits

Is Online Personal Training Reliable?

As I always like to say, it doesn’t come down to profession, it comes down to the professional. Coming from a health background in Kinesiology and working with clinicians, the skill of the person offering the service will dictate the success of the patient/client attending their service, not just the certification the professional possesses.

We have all seen good health care practitioners that we enjoy working with, and those practitioners who you dread to see. The same applies to Personal Training in person or online. Look at the content they are producing and see the results of their clients.

Word of mouth is another great way to find out if a trainer is reliable.

Benefits of In Person Training

In person Personal Training offers the 1-on-1 attention that some of us need. Having instant feedback on your body mechanics when learning a new movement can be extremely beneficial, especially if: a movement is new to you, you have an injury or need a spot in order to perform the exercise safely. In person Personal Training can also be highly motivating as well when a coach is working directly with you.

Is there one service that is better than another?

It depends on your experience, level of fitness, comfort in performing exercises and overall health. If you have an underlying medical condition, seek an In person trainer to help monitor your exercise progressions and get you started on the right foot.

You can also try group training to keep your motivation high. If you have some experience, the availability to workout from home or in the gym and stay motivated, then online training can be a great fit for you.

You can even combine group training with your online trainer to get the best of both worlds. Many people enjoy having access to all the workouts in the month, with video explanations and calendar dates to perform each session. This will keep you motivated and hold you accountable to yourself. Many trainers can also track of your sessions, give you feedback and keep you motivated as well.

online personal training benefits

KinesioAthletics offers Exercise Programming online for anyone who is motivated, wants to make change in their life and is in need of an affordable program. The Interval Based approach that KA offers allows anyone to complete their workout at their own pace, with training sessions lasting 15-25 minutes in length. You can get a group together to also complete the online program. Strength and conditioning programs also available.

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