Exercise Exercise to Boost Energy Levels

exercise to boost energy levels

Exercise is the key thing we need to have in order to boost our energy levels!

In this phase of the pandemic, everyone is drained and lacking energy.

Stress has been high for so long for many reasons, including health issues, financial struggles, and possible interpersonal conflict with family and friends. Many people are reporting feeling, “burnt out”, having a lack of energy, lacking feelings, and just need help. Even for those whose lives are coming together, it feels like they must still climb a mountain. Climbing that mountain is necessary. However, it requires us to think about how we want to live, how we are currently living, and finally the steps to take in order to get back into the life we had.

Boosting Energy With Exercise

In this current state, exercise is the key thing we need to have in order to boost our energy levels back up. To build up confidence and surge our bodies with the endorphins that we need. Exercise has been proven again and again to boost mood, increase physical performance and drastically increase the quality of life.

But, is there a specific exercise regime that boosts energy levels more than others?

Is there a difference between weight lifting and aerobic exercise?

Between weight lifting and aerobic exercise, they both will reap benefits for producing energy levels.

However, aerobic activity will always produce more energy. Through a process called mitochondrial biogenesis, our bodies will create more energy-making cells. They will therefore increase total energy. Aerobic exercise will also increase the efficiency of our cardiovascular systems, letting our bodies work easier throughout the day. Therefore, maintaining energy levels better.

Does this mean weight lifting is not beneficial? Absolutely not.

If your lack of energy is coming from hormonal deficiencies including testosterone, weight lifting is one of the best things you can do, as it increases testosterone levels. Furthermore, weightlifting can give you the confidence to feel strong and capable. This will boost your perceived energy levels and will make you physically/mentally stronger.

Ideally, to boost energy levels effectively, you should include both aerobic training and weight lifting.

By increasing your energy cells and improving your hormones, you should be on track to boost your energy levels quickly. Brisk walking 3-4 times/week with weightlifting 2-3 times/week is a great starting point for those people looking to boost energy and climb back up that mountain.

I recommend choosing an exercise program that has a structure and is easy to follow. You should not be stressing about which exercise you should do when you are climbing a mountain already. Look at my easy to follow and integrated programs available on my site below. I guarantee you’ll boost energy, confidence, and self-esteem.

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Staying One Step Ahead

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