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Microdosing Exercise

7 Jul 2022

How long do we need to exercise for? Can we break exercise into smaller, more manageable chunks? Can you reap the same benefits of running through HIIT, which takes way less time? For the sake of this article, we are defining microdosed exercise as a routine that lasts 5-20 minutes long, and includes all exercise […]

Motor Memory and Exercise Intensity

3 Dec 2021

Go hard or go home! Relax. The harder you train does not mean the more you will build muscle. Nor will it be best for your physical health if your form is sloppy and you cannot establish control. When you are deciding training intensity, you need to think about how fit you currently are, what […]

Online Personal Training Benefits

17 Nov 2021

The fitness world is transitioning from in-person coaching to the online sector. With apps available on your phone, tablet and computer, you can complete workouts at home or in the gym with ease and guidance. Not to mention the cost effectiveness of online training that makes it much more affordable for every client out there. […]

Exercise to Boost Energy Levels

15 Nov 2021

In this phase of the pandemic, everyone is drained and lacking energy. Stress has been high for so long for many reasons, including health issues, financial struggles, and possible interpersonal conflict with family and friends. Many people are reporting feeling, “burnt out”, having a lack of energy, lacking feelings, and just need help. Even for […]

Bodyweight Exercises Versus Weights for New Lifters

10 Nov 2021

Should new lifters really only stick to bodyweight exercises? Not at all. In fact, I strongly encourage the beginner lifter to incorporate weight training right away WITH bodyweight exercises. As we all know, being able to move our body functionally should be our first goal as it will make our heavier lifts better and our […]

Cardio Training for the Beginner

8 Nov 2021

The beginners look at cardio training. The first thing to understand about Cardio training is that there are different forms of cardio with different benefits. Similar to strength training with weights. Cardio does not always mean jogging, running, or biking at a steady state for 10, 15, 20, 30, 45, 60 + minutes x amount […]