Nutrition Nutrition & Motivation

Nutrition and Motivation

Welcome to the ultimate motivation for getting your nutrition right! This book will be your bible over the coming weeks! In case you didn’t know, nutrition will count for about 80% of your results. That’s right 80%! There is an important lesson to be learned from the story below.

You see I used to have a client, let’s call her Lisa. Now Lisa trained very hard and never missed a training session and so with all this effort and dedication to her training she thought that the scales and the measuring tape would really be moving in the right direction at her weights and measurement day.

I will never forget the look on her face when she found out that she lost only 1lb and half an inch from her waist. She was disappointed and so was I.

“You have read the information on the importance of nutrition and you have been using the recipe book I gave you?” I asked. It turned out she never read it because she thought she already knew about nutrition and that her personal trainer wasn’t going to know more than she did.

Sometimes we learn the hard way!

I’m pleased to say that once Lisa had become fully aware of the importance of nutrition for fat loss, we were able to make some important changes. 28 days later she was 14lbs down and almost 2 dress sizes smaller. As the saying goes, “When the student is ready, the teacher will appear.”

And you are ready! That’s why you are reading this!

Below I have included the key principles that work for nutrition for health and fat loss. If anything you read, see or hear deviates from any of the six principles below, chances are you can dismiss it immediately as a short term fad diet. This is a way of eating that will enable you to achieve both fast and permanent results in a way that is 100% sustainable. You see this change has to be permanent so it has to be both straightforward and above all enjoyable.

Follow these principles and you will get results:

1. Eating fewer calories than you burn (calorie deficit)

2. Eat more vegetables and fruits because they are rich in antioxidants and micro-nutrients (vitamins and minerals)

3. Eat plenty of protein for repair and maintenance of lean tissue, and to keep you feeling full (protein satisfies the appetite more than any other macronutrient)

4. Eat enough healthy fats from oily fish, nuts, avocados, coconut and olive oils (healthy fats are an essential part of a balanced diet)

5. Drink plenty of water to naturally detoxify the body, keeping the brain and body hydrated so it can function properly (green and herbal teas count towards this water intake)

6. Limit processed foods and artificial sweeteners and preservatives Now go and learn, cook, and experience the benefits that good nutrition has to offer – enjoy!

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