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Here’s a few of my favorite rewards!

When a boxer has a weigh in a few hours before the big fight, they are at their weakest point. They have been doing everything, including dehydrating themselves, to cut enough weight to make their goal. When you see a bodybuilder doing a show, it’s the same story. They have been doing HOURS of slow cardio, in an effort to get rid of every ounce of fat and water so that their muscles pop out.

When the work is done, food is an appropriate reward for these people.

For the rest of us mortals, down here, just trying to lose a few pounds or build up our arms a little bit, there are rewards, other than food, when we make our goals. And it’s important that we don’t only reward ourselves when we hit our final goal, but that we set mini goals along the way and celebrate those too.

Here’s a few of my favorite rewards:
  1. Plan a weekend getaway.You don’t even have to go, but sometimes planning is half the fun.
  2. Get a mani/pedi.Some people think this is just for the girls but guys could use a pedicure too. Especially with flip flop season coming.
  3. Take a local class and learn a new skill.Community Ed is full of all kinds of fun classes like pottery, archery, and water aerobics.
  4. Sleep in.Or stay in bed and watch movies all day.
  5. Buy a new workout outfit or a new pair of workout shoes.
  6. Throw yourself a lean and mean success party. Invite your tribe over for healthy apps and playing fun games.
  7. Clean out your closet. Donate all those old clothes that are too big now (or throw them out if they are full of holes). You’ll be surprised how much lighter you feel without all that extra stuff.
  8. Go mini-golfing. Fact: everyone loves mini-golf.
  9. Visit a state park. Getting outside has many health benefits including lowering stress and improving mood and focus.
  10. Hire a personal trainer. Keep the win streak going with someone who will push you towards your next goal.
  11. Add your own reward! What makes you happy?

Final Takeaway: When we reward ourselves, our brains release the feel-good hormone dopamine. Which encourages us to want to accomplish another task, to get another reward and another dopamine hit. So reward yourself for doing good things for your body with something fun.

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