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What is Mind-Muscle connection?

When lifting weights, or doing strength exercises, it is important to maximize on your mind muscle connection as this will turn your results from good to great, perhaps even brilliant!
Most people know the benefits that positive thinking has on our body and the same principles apply with really focusing your mind on your muscles when working out. I truly believe this is what separates the average gym user from the exceptional ones. I have applied mind muscle connection for years now… it is something I used to do before I had even heard of it by really focusing on each rep and nothing else!
It is also perfect for people looking to lose weight, or fat loss because when you implement mind muscle connection your brain will recruit more muscle fibers, therefore exert more energy and burn more calories. Mind muscle connection is ideal for people looking to build muscle, shape muscle, lose weight, lose fat, get ripped — it will be positive for anybody to use.

Benefits of Mind Muscle Connection:

  • maximized gym workouts
  • more results for less gym time
  • more muscle fibers recruited
  • more calories burned
  • more specific muscle focused workouts
  • lighter weights, fewer injuries

How to Implement Mind Muscle Connection?

  • use lighter weights and use much slower, controlled movements
  • look at your muscles while training (mirror is also excellent)
  • feel your muscles working
  • don’t just use physical exertion with your exercises – it should be a psychological workout too
  • make sure you are focusing on the movement you are doing and not using any other muscles that you shouldn’t be – good form is essential here
  • concentrate on each rep, don’t think about anything else in the outside world whether it be work, family… block it all out!
  • when you start to feel the burn on your reps, really focus on that burning feeling – this will send stronger messages back to your brain.
With the mind, the more you practice something, the easier it becomes. As goes with your muscles and muscle memory, your brain also performs in much the same way. I have studied a lot about the brain and NLP (neuro linguistic programming), and I know for a FACT that this works… it’s not just my belief; there’s scientific proof behind this subject now. The more you focus on something, the more your synapses (signals) in your brain will fuse together. The stronger the fuse, the easier the thought process becomes and soon it will just become natural to implement mind muscle connection with each and every workout!
I look forward to hearing all about your experiences and results. Good luck guys and girls. =D

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