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Exercise has a positive impact on the mind

It’s important to understand that regular exercise will not only produce a whole host of physiological benefits, it can also play a positive influence on the mind. This article delves deeper into the mind and the positive impact that exercise has in creating a centered, balanced lifestyle.


Research shows that exercise can have a positive impact on the mind-improving cognition, elevating mood, reducing anxiety and improving sleep pattern but it’s important to get in the right mindset to exercise. For some exercise can seem like torture whereas others can find it a place of contemplation and relaxation.

Exercise has shown to have a positive effect on the brain: Helps improve memory and thinking; Improves mood and sleep patterns; Reduces stress and anxiety; Has an antidepressant effect.


It is important to try and dispel negative feelings towards exercise and reap the benefits. This may seem difficult but it’s not impossible, here are some tips to create a positive mindset towards exercise:

  1. Try different types of exercise/activity and find a fit that’s right for you. Every now and again mix up the routine and try something new so you don’t get bored
  2. Set a trigger – this will help you make it part of the routine like brushing your teeth as soon as you wake. Try and associate something in your daily habits with gym time. Make exercise a habit!
  3. Be patient and set small, realistic goals. Remember a change in your lifestyle is a marathon not a sprint and change takes time. Going at it hard and aiming too high can cause you to quit before you have even properly started
  4. Doing anything always beats doing nothing
  5. Enlist family, friends, a gym buddy or a coach to support. Let people know your goals and get support from others

Everyone can enjoy exercise and can get both physical and mental benefits but make sure you are in the right mindset for success.

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