Exercise Women Who Lift and Its Benefits

Women who lift and its benefits

Women who lift, lift heavy!

Benefits of weights lifting for females

Over the years coaching trainers as well as working with female clients I have come across the misconception that women shouldn’t lift weights or if they are they should be lifting light. At this point, it is important to understand that if you want a lean, defined, fit and healthy body you should lift weights and lift heavy.

The female athlete: Important to understand that weight training is not only the primary tool that should be used when exercising to improve body composition, but it has a whole host of health benefits specific to females.

Let’s look at some of the research:

  1. Weight training builds muscle which in turn increases metabolism, burning more calories all day long
  2. Testosterone levels in females are 1/7 that of males so it is much hard for women to gain size. Instead, strength training will develop muscular definition and strength without size gains (pick up the heavy bar!)
  3. With 1 in 4 women developing osteoporosis compared to 1 in 20 males what better reason do you need to start weightlifting than for your health. Weight training increases bone density, reduces the risk of fractures and creates a strong and healthy spine
  4. Reduced risk of injury as weightlifting helps strengthen connective tissue and joints. These benefits of strength training can help reduce the likelihood of injury from daily activities.
  5. Improve posture and core – instead of hours of endless crunches strengthen that midsection through squats and deadlift. Your posture will thank you for it.

So back to my original statement if you want a leaner, stronger, healthier and more defined body lift weights and don’t be afraid to go heavy. Proper form and technique lead to progress and results.

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