Trainers Making the Right Decision for You

Making the Right Decision for You

Making the Right Decision – Green apple and Weight scale, measure tap with fresh vegetable, clean water and sport equipment for women diet slimming. Diet and Healthy Concept

Everyone I came across my 11 years of Personal Training had lead to almost 99.9% of individuals working with a Personal Trainer. They are reliable, they make you accountable and they are at the gym you just signed up at. So go figure you have already made a best friend in the current box your in.

What are some of the reasons why individuals or even groups shy away from Personal Trainers?

  1. Cost – Most trainers in gyms are valuable but it comes with the hefty price of also paying the overhead the box they are in. You favorite trainer is just too expensive
  2. Commitment – Don’t lie, ever go to the gym saying you will not talk to a personal trainer but then get suckered, and because you loved the coach you committed to buying a high package deal. Does it seem the Personal Trainer only wanted you to create that sale? possibly?
  3. Pressure Purchased – Making that decision on a hot sat situation usually lets you buy off of emotions. Not the best way

With an application, you are allowed to shop for the trainer you want to have! No pressure situation at a very low cost. A reputable gym I was at was charging almost $150 for a single session, maybe more for new clients. Usually, gyms will take 30% of the revenue package. That’s still high! With Trainerize, us, Online Personal Trainers are able to do just as much maybe more to make sure your goals are adjusted and met!

I can only offer my services to individuals that want to see a change! I’m looking for individuals that want to lose their goal weight, even with this pandemic!

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