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There’s no such thing as “luck”. You are solely responsible for the outcomes in your life. Your win and loss record in life is an indication of the daily choices you make. Each choice you make is pushing you toward your goals or moving you further away from your goals.

Here are some steps to make your own “luck”:

1) Stay Receptive

New opportunities are everywhere. Starve your distractions and stay persistent to the process. Open every single door along your journey and let life close the ones you weren’t meant to walk through. You can’t accept opportunities with a closed fist. Pay attention to the whos, whats, whys, and wheres of each event in your day. Keep your mind open and look for opportunities daily.

2) Stay Ready

Train hard, eat right, build skills, read books, listen to podcasts, expand your knowledge, surround yourself with allies, and explore your personal edges. Take daily action and be intentional with every action you take. Ensure you have the courage, confidence, and capacity to seize an opportunity when you notice it.

3) Stay Resilient

Everything won’t start well, but everything will end well with continued and consistent effort. Continue to take action and be willing to re-adjust and recalibrate your plan along the way. Don’t dwell on your mistakes – correct them and continue to move forward. Expect success, and make it inevitable with your daily effort.

Ultimately, our outcomes are based upon our daily micro decisions. Daily micro decisions add up and give you results and outcomes – whether they are positive or negative. You are the only constant in every single result in your life.

Stack one good decision on top of another and big life changes will begin to happen. Seize opportunities life hands you. Continue to execute no matter what life throws at you. Make your own luck.

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