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Losing Weight by Training 5 Minutes a Day and Other Intellectual Insults

Our ability to look for immediate results in any field is especially evident in fitness. Slimming down effortlessly, gaining 10 kg of muscle in a month, “secrets” how to get six-pack abs, and other nonsense with which more than a few people make living. It is enough for someone with a low fat % to say a couple of technical phrases that you do not understand: “Metabolism” here,” HIIT” there, and “superfoods”. I can’t even imagine anyone saying: ” pentagram, semi-quaver, and treble clef. With that you can be a pianist”.

It sounds just as foolish.

Training for five minutes if we don’t have time is one thing, but making fake promises is another. Five minutes is what it’s good for. Move your body a little, create and maintain the habit, start learning an exercise, etc. If you really believe at this point that a secret society has the key to losing weight and sculpting your body without breaking a sweat, something is wrong.

Experience, knowledge, and effort are the only possible answers.

But of course, it’s not as appealing as Mike’s “before and after” photos… “Mike lost 50kg in one month with our revolutionary Ultrawarrior method”. Now that you’ve seen the threads you understand that anything of worth requires effort. I guess you know that even if you hire the best team of professionals in the world, they can’t eat or train for you.

That you pay a fee, they give you a piece of paper with diet/routine and count your reps only guarantees one thing: that you pay. Everything else is going to be up to you. The diet and training you have to follow and “suffer”. And I say suffer because everything will take effort. It doesn’t matter what diet, sets, reps, or time you have been given. It is not a magic formula to just follow. It’s just a guide so you can do your best. So, if you were to do 5 sets of 20 push-ups, it wouldn’t be enough to do them anyway to finish as soon as possible.

Technique, range of motion, tension, and form. If you get to 20 and can do 5 more, you don’t have to stop because it says “20” on a piece of paper. What’s more, if you don’t do them, the training will have been for nothing. And there’s no need to give everything a fancy name or do gimmicky exercises.

If we were offered a million dollars to change our physique in three months, training at home and without help, doing only push-ups, squats, pull-ups and burpees, we would find a way. Nor would we need the help of a dietician, because we all know how to eat. Of course, you can count on professional help. It will save you a lot of time and there are some really good people. Nothing to do with those fake gurus I told you about. And you certainly don’t have to contact a trainer from mars. There are wonderful experts out there, even if they would have you believe otherwise.

Finally, please use common sense. As my grandfather used to say: ” you get what you pay for”.

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