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How To Lose Fat & Get 6 Pack Abs!

Do you want to lose your belly fat?

Have you tried all the ab machines, video workouts, diets, etc yet you still can’t get rid of that unwanted fat? Well, I’m here to shed a little light on you and your stomach and a few tips on how you can lose fat and have the stomach and 6-pack that you dreamed of!

So Trea, how do I lose my stomach?

This is a question that I’m often asked and a seemingly problem for many, and I want to give you my most simple and adjustable approaches to reaching your goals. The main keys to losing stomach fat and acquiring the stomach you always wanted is your diet, water intake, fat percentage, genetics, aerobics, and NO ab exercises or equipment!

Here are the surefire ways to lose fat and get those abs you want as follows:


As we all know your diet is the main culprit in your success for losing weight or fat loss. For desired weight loss or gain there has to be a certain amount of calories you have to take in daily. Eating too much or too little of your daily diet can vastly hinder your success even if you are exercising! There’s no way you can get around it so try to be more self conscious of what you eat, drink water instead of some juices and sodas, eat to be satisfied not full!

Water Intake

As I said before about water, it’s a very important source along with a good diet to aid in weight or fat loss. Water is 0 in calories and is great for the digestion process when eating food than any other drinks. Water cleans out or detoxifies some of the waste in our bodies. Drinking water before or during a meal can inhibit hunger or gets you more satisfied faster and longer than with drinking empty calories from a soda or juice. Also, when doing aerobics it produces more sweat which is needed for our bodies to lose weight, cut, or tone!

So, don’t for get to drink water! Your body truly needs it.

Your Fat Percentage

Now, this is a little more complicated. However your fat percentage is what keeping you from seeing your stomach and not exactly weight loss itself. The abs are naturally and always there. It’s just a layer of fat that’s covering up the stomach and in order to start seeing it you will need to lose a certain percentage of fat. Both women (25%) and men (18%) have different acceptable (normal) and unacceptable (overweight, obese, etc) percentages of fat. These percentages change with age and fitness abilities. To really see your stomach could be a different percentage than your peers! Other factors like your height, weight, genetics, etc can also aid in your success. You can lower your fat loss percentages to achieve the body you want or significantly low as competitors do.  However it’s dangerous and not maintainable. So the focus is to stay at healthy fat percentage as possible. Also, fat does not just disappear in the specific areas you may want at first. You could start to lose fat in your arms first, legs, face, and so on. The focus is to keep eating right and exercising. The fat will come off where it needs to sooner or later!

Your Genetics

Yes, genetics aid in your fast or slow success with weight loss and/or fitness goals just like anything else! Yet, just because your genetics prove you to be a little bigger or smaller doesn’t mean that you can not be the opposite of what you want your ultimate body or goal to be. It all results to knowing your body type. Once you know your body type you will then know how your body reacts to the food that you eat and the exercise that you do. You can eat and exercise accordingly to your body type depending on what goal you are trying to accomplish. However, to achieve the abs or flat stomach you want could go against your goals and fat percentage. So the main picture is to be at a healthy percentage without compromising your fitness goal or look at the same time! The different body types are ectomorph (skinny or small frame), mesomorph (in between small and big), and endomorph (large frame) in which I will explain in another blog in detail later. In the meantime, you can research what body type you are by taking a brief test from to find out!


Aerobics such as walking, running, jogging, biking, etc are good exercises to help you lose fat. Now, alone you can just have a good diet to be real, but with aerobic exercises helps the fat loss process come along faster and helps keep it off! Just 3 or more days of cardio can sky rocket your results depending on your genetics, your capabilities, and of course your will and determination.

So do not put exercise off – it’s your best friend right now for so many great reasons! You can do it!!

No Ab Exercises or Equipment!

Wait….what no ab exercises?! I know it seems crazy, right? Yes, ab exercise do work the abs but they are NOT for getting abs or losing stomach fat. With that said, Ab exercises are still important, but they are for sculpting and strengthening the abs to look defined and supporting the back!  So, all the workout videos, ab equipment, new exercises, fads, and more will not help you lose the stomach and get the 6-pack abs. You will first need to lose fat. Once abs start appearing or stomach is flat, then you should do ab exercises to strengthen your core or to get the chiseled looking abs if that’s your goal.

There you have it! 6 ways to burn fat and get 6 pack abs! I really hope that this helps you out and shines some light on a few things on your fitness journey.

Thanks for reading and I wish you all well on your fitness goals!

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