Exercise Take the Workout Outside for a Change!

workout outside

Workout Outside

Are your workouts starting to get the best of you?

Looking for a little change in scenery to make it feel different at least? Well, when your workouts are getting boring and maybe you just need to change things up some. Grab some of your gear and head to a park, parking lot, or anywhere you have with some open space.

One Saturday morning I was getting ready for my weekend workout and saw how nice it was outside and took the equipment you see in the photo above outside and got in a great workout while getting some Vitamin D from the sun. While you may not have all of the equipment I have, that does not mean you can’t get a quality workout in with some bands, bodyweight, a few dumbbell or kettlebells, maybe a jump rope, or any piece of equipment that you may have.

Think outside the box

Try not to stay confined to the regular workouts that you may see a lot of trainers, clients, or fitness people doing. Get outside with some fresh air and challenge yourself. If you only have one small dumbbell or kettlebell and some bands, adding the bands to the dumbbell can increase the load and give you a great workout. Find something in the park to attack the bands and set up a 2-3 exercise circuit adding bodyweight exercises to change it up and shock the body.

Some of my favorite clients I trained at a local park with only bands, a pulling sled, a couple of kettlebells, and a couple of dumbbells and they had a great time and enjoyed being outside. In my opinion, it’s all about how the workout makes you feel after. Do you feel accomplished when the workout is over? Do you feel like you got something out of the workout? Could you have done more? If your answer to this one is yes then you need to step up the intensity to make sure you left it all on the floor. Keep crushing goals and don’t be afraid to ask questions!

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