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Get Fit

Do not discourage yourself because of the time it takes to get fit and healthy. We didn’t get out of shape overnight and we are not going to get in shape overnight. It will take time, it’s not going to be instant but with consistency, it will happen.

Many people give up because they want instant results and when they don’t see those “instant results” they get discouraged and give up, please don’t do that. There is no quick fix, no sort of magic pill or potion. Anything worth achieving, anything worth working towards will take time.

This is your personal health journey.

You will have ups and downs, just keep pressing forward. As you press on you’ll discover many new things about yourself, maybe learn yourself a little better as you steadily push on towards your goals, enjoy every step of it, it should be exciting!

Know that every day as you make a conscious effort to eat nutritious clean foods and get in some form of exercise that your body is changing.  It usually starts on the inside, you’ll start feeling so much better, more energetic. Then pretty soon if you’re consistent it will start to show on the outside, I promise you it will.

Doctors have said, “If you could take the benefits of exercise and nutritious food and put it in a pill it would be considered a miracle drug”. Wow, that is powerful! We have the ability to create great health and longevity with the meals that we chose and exercise that we do. But also know we also have the ability to destroy our health with the meals that we chose and the exercise we don’t do.

Make great choices, choices that bring health and life to your body.

Every nutritious meal that you consume starts bringing health to your body and it begins right away. Food is medicine. The same goes for exercise. As you start moving your body oxygen is released, circulation is improved. Even just walking, the benefits begin immediately,

Take it day by day, step by step, meal by meal and rep by rep. Not only will you get there but you’ll also discover and learn some new things about yourself along the way.

Never give up on yourself, you are worth the time it takes to get fit and healthy. No matter how long it takes you are worth that time. Stay focused and stay consistent, my friends. I’m so excited for you!

– Kimmie from The Healthy Overlanders

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