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What health and wellness should mean

What should Health and Wellness mean to me?

If this question makes you think… then we’re off to a great start.

I want today’s focus to be right there in your head. What I believe to be the most crucial organ in your body is the brain. Because it gives you the ability to perform or even not to, which in the end can dictate your life. The art of our thoughts is a beautiful gem given to us. We’re still trying to figure this out and it is easily the most important aspect of human history.

Many questions started to arise during the year 2020. People started rethinking their interests, passions, and more importantly their time, especially young adults. The strongest point in life is the now and what you can do following this moment with your next step. Because people want to grow, whether it’s having greater life satisfaction or even financially. What’s most important is to put food in your body and activities in front of you that will fuel your health.

For today, let’s focus predominantly on activities that will promote a healthy life.

If you’re thinking just about physical movements, stop right there. Because our goal today is to skew your perspective a bit. And your thoughts can be activities too. What can promote our thoughts?

Music / Lyrics with fruitful messages that can help you through “trying” times. Plus, the frequencies can make you feel good.

Books. Studying a topic of interest, building a new skill, how to achieve something, and/or spiritual readings.

Videos. Instructing a new skill(s), process learning, success stories.

Podcasts / Interviews. Learn from people that have DONE & DO it.

Writing. Journal your experiences, list your goals (short, long term), or to people that serve and heal you.

Lastly, physical actions. No, we’re not talking about fitness today. It is along the lines of what we’ve touched on thus far, in addition, this can be done right where you are present.



The power that these three actions hold can cause wonders of change in your life. Because all will promote your heart rate to change, which is directly correlated with your oxygen levels and blood flow. This leads to promoting the cerebrum, your brain. Again, this orchestrates your performance and how well you can execute. It is proven that stretching & breathing earlier in the day can cause the greatest effects. Similar to exercising and getting that heart rate up early.

When it’s time to attack a new day, whether it’s working, communicating, reacting to a circumstance, having a grasp on your attitude, serving others, shielding diseases, and simply having the energy to perform daily with this one body that we were gifted in this beautiful experience we all call Life. And remember: you don’t owe it to anyone, but yourself.

So, let’s start today.

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