Trainers Online Personal Training vs In-Person Training

Depending on your personal needs analysis, you should be able to decipher between what will be a better fit for YOU: in-person training or online personal training.

Online Personal Training vs In-Person Training

There are several benefits to having a personal trainer, including education, experience, and specific qualifications/certifications. Some people spend endless amounts of time and money trying to find the “perfect trainer,” with little to no success.

My suggestion to those continually on the search is to STOP. Stop wasting time and money, start thinking about what YOU need!

Advantages & Disadvantages of In-Person Training

Below is a list of some of the benefits I believe clients get when hiring an in-person trainer:

  1. Social aspect of face-to-face interactive
  2. Exercise modification (adjusting difficulty level as needed)
  3. Accountability (scheduling an appointment holds the client accountable)
  4. Motivation (having someone nearby to encourage)
  5. Progressions (easy for the trainer to monitor when progressions are necessary)

Here is the other end of the spectrum: why in-person training might not be for you:

  1. Cost (most people don’t see the importance of spending $50-100/hr for something they think they could do on their own)
  2. Limited to a certain time (sessions usually last 30-60 minutes and have to line up with the trainers other clientele)
  3. Disciple (you’re considered self-motivated)
  4. Fear (maybe you’re terrified to step foot in a gym because your afraid of what people may think)
  5. Location (you may not have any local trainers that fit YOUR needs)

Advantages & Disadvantages of online personal training

Why having an online trainer may be the most beneficial route:

  1. Versatility (allows the client to workout when it fits into their schedule and the ability to work with populations that may not be able to or don’t want to go to the gym)
  2. Affordability (online trainers are typically more affordable, depending on the services they are providing to the client)
  3. Need for professional guidance (you don’t need to be motivated, just need a structured plan)
  4. Trainer poll (if considering online personal training your poll of trainers to select from drastically increases)
  5. Technology advancements (smartphones and apps make it easier to monitor, update programs, and stay in contact with clients no matter where they are)

Why online personal training may not be for you:

  1. Level of accountability (although there are ways to hold clients accountable online, it’s not the same a scheduling a regular appointment with a trainer)
  2. Techability… yeah I just made that up (some people are more tech-savvy then others)
  3. Equipment limitations (most don’t have a full gym in their garage and some gyms have different equipment then others)
  4. Need for a social support system (group classes and/or small group training)
  5. Skill level (not everyone needs a personal trainer)

These are just rough lists of the pros and cons to having an in-person trainer and online trainer to get you thinking. I believe I have knowledge about exercise that most people would be willing to absorb regardless of their fitness level.

It is my job to be a good servant. I want to look back on my career in this field when I retire and know that I served as many people as I could. That is why I want to begin training clients online. I no longer will be limiting myself to the local demographic, I will have the ability to help people reach their fitness goals wherever and whenever.

Are you ready to stop limiting yourself? YOUR health is YOUR health!

YOU get to determine what YOU need and YOU get to take action!

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