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Not Losing Weight

I’m Eating Healthy but I’m Not Losing Weight! What’s Going on?

Does this sound like you?


If I had a pound for every person who said this to me.

The truth is eating healthy is great for health, fat loss is a different matter – don’t believe me?

Have you ever had a really skinny friend who ate absolute rubbish, lived off haribos and McDonald’s and wondered what was going on?

Okay yes, they may have had hyperthyroidism – over Active thyroid disorder which can explain eating a lot but maintaining a low weight, but probably not.

Let me ask you this: Your friend, what was their job? How many calories did they eat and drink? How many steps were they doing? And how did they spend most of their day? What’s their mode of transport?

  1. Your job – an active job such as a builder or even a job such as a hairdresser or a waitress where you are stood on your feet all day or moving around expends loads of calories and if your in an office job they can be expending 400kcals more than you per day!
  2. Yes they may be eating terrible food but they may not be eating and drinking as much as you think – if they have a bag of haribos and two small McDonalds per day the reality is they are likely consuming fewer calories than you.
  3. How many steps were they doing? Or are you doing?? Steps are NEAT- what is that? Non exercise activity thermogenesis – basically all movements that aren’t a workout – so fidgeting, cleaning your house, gardening, pottering about – basically spending less time sat down per day.
  4. How did they spend most of their day? Running around after their kids, cleaning their house – again steps!
  5. How do they get around – they walk or cycle but you use your car – steps!

How can you use the above to get results with your body?

  1. Okay, I’m not expecting you to change your job so nothing to say here.
  2. Track your calories – download my fitness pal – weigh everything and scan packaging – put everything in including cooking oil, sugar, milk that goes in your tea, bread on your toast – after one week of tracking what you do without any changes on week 2 drop 200 kcals.
  3. This covers points 3-5 Get a step-counting watch or app and track your steps – don’t change anything and track your steps then after a week try to beat it.

Did you notice I didn’t mention exercise?

Yes, exercise is a great way to burn calories and I’m not recommending you don’t do it but you don’t require it to lose fat or weight. Just by tracking and managing your calories and upping your steps you can get great results.

I’m eating clean but not losing weight. Where did the word clean (eating) even come from? What is it? Chicken, broccoli, rice, eggs, oats, protein powder, lean beef, potatoes, asparagus, cod, salmon – no condiments; basically whole foods, nutrient-dense foods.

I’ve actually followed this when I competed twice a few years ago for my bikini show, I had a coach, a strict diet plan, weighed all my food and had 6 meals a day. I got in great shape but I was miserable, hungry, and missing other foods. I overcame hunger by chugging black tea and Pepsi max like it was oxygen.

Now I’m not gonna bullshit you I use to cheat and binge a lot when I competed, although I was training 12-13 hours a day so I still got pretty lean tbh. But what it taught me is that life without bread and chocolate is a life not worthy of living.

I also wanna let you know that I did 20weeks of bilking one clean eating and 20 weeks of cutting on a clean eating diet. So as you can see bodybuilders gain weight and lose weight from clean eating. The coach just manipulates calories and exercise depending on what the goal is at that time.

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